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What Is Chocolate Praline?

Apa Sih Coklat Praline Itu?

Chocolate praline is a type of chocolate snack that is very popular among chocolate lovers. Apart from chocolate, pralines themselves usually contain nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans, as well as sugar.

Pralines are often confused with truffles , when in fact they are two very different types of confectionery. The difference between pralines and truffles is hard to see, but when you taste them you can really tell the difference.

So, what is meant by praline chocolate ? What's the difference with truffles ? Let's see the full explanation below!

What is Praline Chocolate ?

According to the semantic term in French, praline refers to a sweet or nut snack covered with caramelized sugar. In Belgium, " praline " is defined as a chocolate candy that has a filling, either chocolate filling or some other type of filling. The term " praline " itself comes from Belgium. However, in France, what the Belgians call praline , is usually called "crotte de chocolat".

French pralines usually have a very pronounced nutty taste. The nuts contained in French pralines can be of any type, although the most commonly used nuts are almonds and hazelnuts. Meanwhile, Belgian pralines are thicker with a chocolate flavor, because usually ingredients such as nuts are only used as a filling.

Apart from France and Belgium, pralines are also known in various European countries and are one of the most common chocolate snacks. In Germany, the Netherlands and England, the word praline sometimes refers to the nut powder or chocolate paste that is usually used as a filling for French and Belgian pralines .

Praline recipes began to change since the 1700s when Europeans started moving to the United States, especially to the New Orleans area. It was then that a woman from New Orleans began using pecan nuts and adding cream to the praline mixture to create a softer texture. This chocolate treat is then more commonly referred to as pecans instead of pralines .

The difference between Pralines and Truffles

As previously explained, pralines and truffles are two types of food that are often confused or confused. Truffles themselves are a chocolate snack made from a mixture of chocolate, butter, cream and sugar, and usually have fruit or liquor flavors (wine, whiskey, and so on).

The main difference between pralines and truffles is the main ingredient, where praline has the main ingredient of nuts, while the main ingredient of truffles is chocolate. Some types of pralines , such as French pralines , sometimes don't even need chocolate at all. In addition, pralines that use chocolate usually still have a fairly strong nutty taste.

In terms of texture, praline itself can have a texture that varies from crunchy to quite smooth. On the other hand, truffles tend to have a smooth, satin-like texture once the chocolate treat hits your tongue.

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We hope that the explanation of what praline is and the difference between praline and truffle that we convey is easy to understand and can help you, OK?