About Our Products


- Does not use cocoa butter and cocoa mass,
- Requires tempering process,
- High price,
- More comfortable on the tongue.


- Using vegetable fats and cocoa powder,
- Does not require tempering process,
- More affordable,
- Several compounds can be used flexibly

All Tulip Chocolate products use safe raw materials, have been tested for human consumption and carry the highest quality standards. We recommend that pregnant and lactating women consult a doctor before consuming it.

Dogs have an allergy to chocolate. If you find a dog consuming chocolate, seek medical attention immediately.

All of our products are HALAL certified.

Yes, our products are gluten free.

Some of our compound and chocolate filling products contain palm oil. However, the palm oil we use is Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified. In fact, palm oil produces the highest amount of oil per hectare of any other vegetable fat, reducing the use of agricultural land used to produce vegetable fats. Further information, can be seen here .

No, every Tulip Chocolate product does not contain trans fats.

Yes, Tulip Chocolate has several products with kosher certification. For more information, contact a Tulip representative here

No, Tulip Chocolate manufactures chocolate in a factory that does not process nuts.

We do not sell cocoa beans or their derivatives except for cocoa powder products under the Tulip brand. For more information, please visit the Cocoa Powder page.

How to Process Our Products

There are several ways to store chocolate:

- Store in a place or room with a cool and stable temperature, around 18-22 degrees Celsius for soft and solid chocolate types and room temperature, 18-26 degrees Celsius for liquid chocolate.
- Low humidity level (RH less than 65 percent).
- Closed tightly after use.
- Store chocolate in a place that is not close to other flavorful items or foods.
- Chocolate products that have a very sensitive color to light, so they need to get maximum protection.
- Avoid or limit chocolate buildup.

White spots indicate chocolate has experienced fat bloom or sugar bloom .

Fat bloom is a condition in which the cocoa butter contained in the chocolate separates from other ingredients. This can happen because the couverture does not go through the correct tempering process, careless storage until temperature changes.

When couverture is stored at temperatures above 27 degrees, there will always be a risk of fat bloom .

Meanwhile, sugar bloom occurs because the sugar content in chocolate crystallizes due to condensation. Fat bloom does not only occur in couverture , but also in compounds .

Tempering is the process of heating and cooling so that the chocolate has a smooth, shiny surface and feels crunchy when broken. By tempering , you can reduce the risk of fat bloom on the chocolate being processed.

Tempering is mandatory for chocolate containing cocoa butter such as couverture . Meanwhile, compound chocolate does not require tempering .

Can. All thickened chocolate can be used again by re- tempering .

There are several reasons why couverture is often difficult to remove from the mold in the praline process.

The first is chocolate that has not gone through the tempering process. If this happens, the chocolate will not harden and will instead stick firmly to the mold.

However, this can also happen due to the cooling procedure of the chocolate being too short. Thus, the chocolate does not harden.

Fat content is the amount of cocoa fat contained in couverture products and vegetable fat contained in the compound . We do not use animal fat, trans fat and all of our products are halal certified.

To melt coin chocolate, you simply put some chocolate in a stainless bowl. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir with a spoon until the chocolate is completely melted.

Meanwhile, to melt block chocolate, you have to cut a few pieces of chocolate with a size of about 1 centimeter and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir the chocolate evenly until it melts. You can remelt the remaining portion a few times.