Mengenal Definisi Fat Bloom dan Sugar Bloom

Know the Definition of Fat Bloom and Sugar Bloom

Blooming that occurs in chocolate can damage the texture of the chocolate and even shorten the shelf life of the chocolate. Get to know more about what fat bloom and sugar bloom are in this article!
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There are still many who do not know the definition of fat bloom and sugar bloom that occur in chocolate. In fact, the blooming that occurs in chocolate can damage the texture of the chocolate and even shorten the shelf life of the chocolate.

So what is the definition of fat bloom and sugar bloom that occurs in chocolate? Let's see the full explanation below!

Definition of Fat Bloom in Chocolate

Fat bloom is a type of bloom in chocolate that occurs when the cocoa butter separates from other components in the chocolate. Usually, fat bloom occurs as a result of improper storage processes and old chocolate. In addition, improper processing of chocolate can also be one of the causes of fat bloom in chocolate.

Fat bloom can be identified by the appearance of gray streaks that are present on the surface, or all over, of the chocolate. When the chocolate is exposed to warm temperatures, the cocoa butter that is in the chocolate will start to melt. As the cocoa butter melts, it separates from the other ingredients in the chocolate and rises to the surface, where it hardens again and creates a " bloom " in the form of a grayish streak.

As a result of separating cocoa butter from other components, chocolate can lose its temper and luster. One of the most effective ways to prevent fat bloom on chocolate is to store chocolate in a cool place with a stable temperature.

Definition of Sugar Bloom in Chocolate

Sugar bloom is a type of bloom in chocolate that occurs due to the sugar in the chocolate dissolving due to exposure to moisture. Sugar bloom is characterized by a white, dusty, and grainy layer that appears on the surface of the chocolate. Sugar bloom can occur for a number of reasons, such as storing chocolate in a damp place, or storing chocolate in the fridge and then taking it out to store at room temperature.

Sugar will always be attracted to moisture. This means that no matter how damp the chocolate is stored, the end result will always be the same: the moisture will dissolve the sugar on the surface of the chocolate. Then, as the moisture evaporates, the sugar will harden again into tiny crystals and leave a "dusty" appearance on the surface of the chocolate.

Fortunately, sugar bloom can be prevented fairly easily. You just need to store the chocolate in a place where there is no humidity, or in a place with low humidity, with a stable temperature. Also, make sure the chocolate doesn't come into contact with the liquid.

Can Chocolate with Bloom Still Be Eaten?

Chocolate with bloom , both fat bloom and sugar bloom , is still suitable for consumption. However, the texture and appearance of the chocolate will make it unappetizing to eat. Chocolate that is experiencing bloom will have a griny texture, have white patches such as lines or dust, and will not be shiny when melted.

Even so, when you find chocolate with bloom , as long as it hasn't expired and the aroma is still good, it means that the chocolate is still safe to eat or use for recipe purposes. Chocolate with bloom can't be repaired, so it's best to use chocolate with bloom in recipes that call for the chocolate to be melted first.

4 Tips to Prevent the Appearance of Fat Bloom and Sugar Bloom in Chocolate

There are several ways that can be used to prevent the appearance of bloom on chocolate. The following are some tips to prevent fat bloom and sugar bloom in chocolate.

1. Store in a Place with a Stable Temperature, Cool and Dry

Sudden changes in temperature and a humid environment are the two main causes of bloom in chocolate. To ensure your chocolate still has a smooth and even texture, avoid moving the chocolate storage bin too much.

Another thing to note is that you should store your chocolate in a cool, dry place, both before and after the tempering process . You also need to maintain a stable temperature, ideally between 20 and 22 ° C, with humidity that doesn't exceed 50%.

2. Avoid Storage Exposed to Sunlight

When chocolate comes into contact with light and air, it undergoes a process known as oxidation, or the combining (dissolving) of a substance with oxygen. As we know, sugar will be very easily oxidized when exposed to moisture, and oxygen is one of the moisture substances. Oxidation in chocolate will cause it to experience a sugar bloom .

In addition, storing chocolate in a place exposed to sunlight can also cause the chocolate to melt. This means that the cocoa butter that was in the chocolate will melt as well and when cooled again, the cocoa butter will rise to the surface of the chocolate and create fat bloom .

3. Store in an airtight container

The best way to store chocolate is to store it in an airtight container. This will prevent oxidation as no moisture will come into direct contact with the chocolate; prevent sugar blooms .

In addition, storing chocolate in an airtight container will also help preserve the aroma of the chocolate. The cocoa butter in the chocolate will easily mix with the aromas of other ingredients. Therefore, if chocolate is stored in an airtight container, there will be no aroma from the ingredients that enter the chocolate and change the aroma of chocolate.

4. Don't Store Chocolate in the Refrigerator

Chocolate is sensitive to changes in temperature, so the fridge is not a good place to store chocolate as the temperature will definitely change once you take the chocolate out of the fridge. This will only cause a sugar bloom because the sugar in the chocolate will be attracted to the moisture that collects when the temperature changes from cold to hot.

Also, as explained above, chocolate is very easily affected by other scents. So, a refrigerator that is used to store various kinds of ingredients, ranging from cheese, beef, fish, and others, is not the best place to store chocolate.

Blooming in chocolate will occur more easily in chocolate with poor quality. Make sure the chocolate you use is of good quality, especially if the chocolate is used for business needs, so you don't easily experience fat blooms or sugar blooms .

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