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Know the Types of Chocolate in Pastry

Mengenal Jenis-Jenis Cokelat Dalam Pastry

Did you know there are different types of chocolate in pastry ? These various types of chocolate have different functions, from filling , coating , glaze , to decoration.

If you are currently looking to build a pastry business or are even running one, it is very important to know the different types of chocolate that are often used in pastry . Through this article, you will learn complete information about various chocolates, which of course you won't want to miss.

Know 7 Types of Chocolate in Pastry

In the following, there are seven types of chocolate that are most often used inside manufacture of various desserts , cakes and pastries, namely:

1. Compound Chocolate

compound chocolate

The first type of chocolate is compound chocolate or compound chocolate. This type of chocolate has a shape like a block or large bar that can be used for various needs such as filling pastry , chocolate syrup, chocolate dip, chocolate paste, and much more.

Chocolate compound is the type of chocolate most often used for those who are just getting into the world of pastry . This is because the processing of compound chocolate is very easy. Because it is easy to process and is often used as a cake-making ingredient by beginners, some people also call compound chocolate cooking chocolate or cooking chocolate .

In addition, compound chocolate also has a relatively more affordable price. Because even though this type of chocolate is still made from cocoa beans, usually compound chocolate bars do not contain cocoa butter . Cocoa fat in compound chocolate is usually replaced with the addition of other vegetable oils.

Regarding taste, the choice of compound chocolate types is quite diverse, namely:

  • Dark chocolate or dark chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate or milk chocolate
  • White Chocolate or white chocolate
  • White chocolate that is given a variety of flavoring and coloring variants

To make compound chocolate, you simply melt it in two ways. The first method is using a microwave and the second method is using the au bain-marie technique .

If you need quality compound chocolate ingredients, KioskCokelat has a product recommendation, namely Black Tulip Compound Chocolate . This chocolate is in the form of blocks with a size of 1 kg for each pack. Of course you can order in large quantities for culinary business needs. Chocolate Kiosk also provides Black Tulip Compound Chocolate in cartons which you can check here .

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2. Couverture Chocolate

couverture chocolate

Couverture chocolate or couverture chocolate is a type of chocolate made from whole cocoa beans. This type of chocolate has a reputation for being "pure chocolate" or even "the finest chocolate" because it contains cocoa butter . Because of its content, this type of couverture chocolate can make the aroma and taste of pastry stronger, more luxurious and authentic.

In terms of taste, usually the choices of couverture chocolate flavors that you can buy are more limited, namely:

  • Dark chocolate or dark chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate or milk chocolate
  • White Chocolate or white chocolate

However, couverture chocolate has a fairly complicated processing process. You will need to do some tempering before you can use couverture chocolate in pastry dishes.

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Couverture chocolate has the advantage of having a more intense chocolate flavor and a more glossy color, so this type of chocolate is more often used by professional bakers . For beginners, using couverture chocolate will be more difficult because it has to go through a tempering process first. Without the tempering process, the processed chocolate will be less good both in terms of taste and texture.

What is the tempering process ? Simply put, the tempering process is a process carried out to process chocolate by playing with the temperature. The purpose of this process is to maintain the quality of couverture chocolate so that the fat content in it is not dispersed or what is commonly known as fat bloom .

You must often hear the term fat bloom , right? Fat bloom is a condition in which the fat content in chocolate comes to the surface. If chocolate has fat bloom , you will feel traces of fat left on your tongue when you eat it.

This tempering process goes through 2 stages where you need to heat the chocolate below 54oC or 130oF. If the chocolate is heated more than this temperature, then the quality of couverture chocolate will decrease.

The next stage is the cooling stage. You can cool couverture chocolate to room temperature without refrigerating it. After the chocolate has cooled slightly, you can use it in the pastry preparations.

Couverture chocolate itself can be used for various needs such as compound chocolate. However, this chocolate is most often used as a coating because it looks prettier and shiny.

For couverture chocolate product recommendations, we have 3 excellent products that might catch your attention. KioskCokelat provides Embassy Oceanic Blend , Embassy Continental Blend , and finally Embassy Torres .

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3. Chocolate Powder

cocoa powder

Chocolate powder or cocoa powder is often mixed in cake and pastry dough. As the name implies, this type of chocolate is in the form of fine dry powder that makes it easy to mix into pastry dough, cake mixes, used as pastry fillings , and even used as a base for drinks to accompany various delicious pastry snacks.

Chocolate powder itself is made from the same ingredients as the two previous types of chocolate, namely cocoa beans. Cocoa powder is made from roasted cocoa beans and has undergone cocoa butter extraction. In general, cocoa powder can contain anywhere from 8% to 26% cocoa butter .

In general, cocoa powder is sold without other additives, so it is dark brown in color and has a bitter taste. However, sometimes you can also find chocolate powder that contains sugar and even milk, making it sweeter and more practical to use in making various food and drink creations. One example of cocoa powder like this is Tulip Cioccolato .

Apart from Cioccolato, KioskCokelat also has a wide selection of pure cocoa powder with different levels of cocoa fat, such as Tulip Burgundy Cocoa Powder , Tulip Noir Cocoa Powder , and Tulip Bordeaux Cocoa Powder .

4. Chocolate Coating

Have you ever seen pastry or cake products covered with chocolate shells that look so attractive? The chocolate product used for these results is a chocolate coating . Why use chocolate coating and not other types of chocolate?

Chocolate coating melts more easily and the texture of the melt is more liquid than other types of chocolate. So, the melted result is easier to use to coat pastry products without the need to mix oil or milk again. In addition, the resulting shell is darker, shiny, and attractive. Not only that, the taste tends to be sweeter, cooking chocolate tends to taste bitter so it is not suitable for coating pastry .

If you are interested in using chocolate coating for your pastry , let's try a high quality Tulip Chocolate Coating .

5. Chocolate Chips and Chunks

Who doesn't like chocolate chips ? The combination of tastes is indeed very fitting with pastry and various other cakes. Besides being easy to find in supermarkets, the price of chocolate chips is also affordable, making them suitable for making pastry ingredients that don't burn holes in your pockets. In addition, choco chips for cooking usually don't melt easily when baked, so they are suitable for making beautiful pastries .

You can try Tulip Choco Chips or Tulip Choco Chunks for more irregular pieces of chocolate.

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6. Chocolate Paste

Nothing can beat the taste pastries which is crunchy combined with chocolate paste that melts in the mouth. Chocolate paste is one of the best chocolate fillings for pastries. 

There's no need to bother making your own melted chocolate because it exists Black Filling Chocolate Tulip . With a lovely aroma and intense chocolate taste, this ready-to-use chocolate paste will make a variety of dishes desserts And pastries You become more alluring.

7. Chocolate Cream

Everyone is guaranteed to like the taste chocolate cream aka chocolate cream. With a soft and creamy texture and a thick and sweet chocolate taste, chocolate cream is usually used as a filling for pastries and various other desserts .

Tulip Chocolate Cream Ganache Which delicious is guaranteed to give a new dimension to your pastry dish. Not only that, Chocolate Kiosk also has other chocolate cream products, namely Tulip Hazel Delight which can be used as a filling, spread, and coating for all products pastries You. The distinctive savory taste of peanuts hazelnuts combined with chocolate will make anyone addicted

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Of course, through the KioskCokelat website , you can search for various other quality chocolate materials such as chocolate chips , chocolate batons , and many more. You can immediately see our product section to find the chocolate materials needed.

KioskCokelat is the official store of PT. Freyabadi Indotama, which has long been supplying quality chocolate materials to many clients who are doing business in the HoReCa sector (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes ). Therefore, you can use our products to produce quality pastry dishes so that customers are satisfied and continue to buy the products that are sold. Contact KioskCokelat now for more information or if you want to place an order.