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Get to know what dark chocolate is and what's in it

Mengenal Apa Itu Dark Coklat dan Kandungan di Dalamnya

Dark chocolate, aka dark chocolate, is one of the most popular chocolate ingredients. This chocolate ingredient is often used to make various creations of delicious dishes in the culinary world. Customers also like dishes made from dark chocolate because of the texture and taste of the ingredients. You must be curious about what dark chocolate is after knowing its popularity.

Check out this KioskCokelat article to find out more about dark chocolate and its ingredients so you can get to know this cooking ingredient better.

What Is Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate is a chocolate ingredient with a higher cocoa butter content, a denser texture and a stronger aroma. This chocolate ingredient has a texture, aroma, taste and color that is more distinctive than other chocolate ingredients, namely milk chocolate and white chocolate . Dark chocolate is made from cocoa beans without adding milk or other ingredients, so it has a dry texture and is darker in color.

Dark chocolate itself has a cocoa bean content ranging from 60-100%. No wonder this chocolate ingredient has a more bitter taste than milk chocolate . This percentage is not an exact number because not all dark chocolate ingredients have the same amount of cocoa content. Meanwhile, the composition of dark chocolate only consists of cocoa beans and cocoa butter, but some add sugar in it.

Dark chocolate is divided into two types, namely compound chocolate and couverture chocolate . The difference lies in the cocoa solids ( cocoa solids ) and the composition of the ingredients. Compound dark chocolate is made from cocoa powder and vegetable fat. Meanwhile, couverture dark chocolate contains cocoa solids as much as 30% -85%.

Dark Chocolate Ingredients from KioskCokelat

After getting to know dark chocolate and its characteristics, you will definitely want to use this ingredient to make your own creations. If you are confused about finding the best dark chocolate ingredients, don't worry. KioskCokelat has a wide selection of the best dark chocolate ingredients to add to your dishes.

There are two brands of chocolate ingredients that can be used, namely Tulip Chocolate and Embassy. Here we present some dark chocolate products for you.

1. Tulip Chocolate

There are four choices of quality dark chocolate products from Tulip Chocolate for your dish creations, namely:

  • Black Tulip Compound Chip Chocolate : A chocolate ingredient with a balance of sweet and bitter flavors in it. Use this product as a topping or filling for cakes, ice cream, muffins or cookies .
  • Black Tulip Compound Chocolate : Made from a mixture of premium ingredients, this chocolate ingredient can be applied to various types of dishes. The melting point is high, so the melting results are maximized in dishes.
  • Black Tulip Compound Decorating Chocolate : A dish decoration material that is flexible and easier to shape as desired. The final look of your dish will be glossy with this chocolate ingredient.
  • Black Tulip Chocolate Filling : Chocolate filling material with a strong taste and a more concentrated aroma. You can use this product as ganache , mousse , or jam for bread and pastry fillings .


2. Embassy

Embassy issued five superior dark chocolate products with different taste sensations, namely:

Besides understanding what dark chocolate is and its advantages, you need to know the best dark chocolate products so that the end result of the dish is satisfying. Contact KioskCokelat if you want to consult about our chocolate products. Also visit the KioskCokelat website to find inspiration for the best dark chocolate recipes .