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What is Chocolate Filling?

Apa Sih Cokelat Filling Itu?

Chocolate filling is a type of processed chocolate that is commonly used to fill bread, donuts, croissants and other types of bakery food. But in fact, it's not just chocolate that is usually used as a filling, there are other ingredients that are usually mixed with chocolate.

Apart from being used as a filling for bakery food, what are the other uses of chocolate filling ? What ingredients can also be mixed with chocolate as a filling ? Let's see the full explanation below!

What is Chocolate Filling ?

Chocolate filling is a processed chocolate product that is usually used as a filling for various bakery products. Aside from being a filling, chocolate filling also functions to add volume and flavor to a bakery product. The aroma given from the chocolate filling can also add value to the bakery product.

Chocolate filling is actually almost the same as ganache or frosting , the difference is that it doesn't use extra cream. In fact, the chocolate filling does not use additional liquid ingredients at all. But usually there are other ingredients that are mixed with chocolate which is usually used as a filling .

Common Ingredients Mixed with Chocolate Filling

The following are some of the ingredients that are usually mixed with chocolate for the filling of various bakery products:

1. Fruits

Surely many people have made a mixture of chocolate and strawberry flavors as their most favorite bread filling. But did you know that there are still many fruits that are perfect when mixed with chocolate as a filling for various bakery products.

The darker the chocolate, the more bitter it will taste. If the taste is bitter, then it would be perfect if you add something sweet. Therefore, this chocolate is perfect when combined with sweet fruits such as strawberries, bananas, mangoes, and many more.

2. Nuts

Chocolate and peanuts are two favorite flavors by many people, so how about combining the two? Chocolate and nuts are a combination that is perfect and pleasing to your taste buds.

The combination of flavors between chocolate and nuts can enhance the taste of one another. Each nut will also usually cause a different taste reaction when combined with chocolate. Peanuts, almonds, and hazelnuts are the nuts most often combined with chocolate.

3. Cheese

Who doesn't love a combination of chocolate and cheese? The salty taste of cheese and the sweet taste of chocolate can blend very well on the tongue of many people. Not infrequently, there are already lots of bakeries that provide chocolate cheese flavor variants for the various products they sell.

4. Coffee

Another ingredient that pairs really well with chocolate is coffee. One of the most famous examples of the combined taste of chocolate and coffee is tiramisu. Yes, that's right, Tiramisu is a bakery product whose two main ingredients are chocolate and coffee.

The combination of flavors from chocolate and coffee will complement each other. The bitter and strong taste of coffee can mix with the sweet taste of chocolate. If you combine the two ingredients correctly, it is guaranteed that the person who tastes it will be addicted to the taste that will appear.

If you are interested in getting ingredients to make chocolate filling, or even want to get chocolate filling that is ready to use, you can find it at KioskCokelat . Chocolate filling is a type of processed chocolate that can help your bakery products taste better, so if you feel you need it, just buy it!