Apakah Cokelat Mengandung Kafein? Ini Jawabannya!

Does Chocolate Contain Caffeine? Here's the answer!

In fact, apart from coffee and tea, chocolate also contains caffeine. Each type of chocolate has a different caffeine content. Find out more here!

There are still many facts about chocolate that are rarely known by fans. One of them, chocolate turns out to contain caffeine. This fact is quite surprising because people tend to think that caffeine is only found in coffee or tea. The question is, does chocolate contain more caffeine than the two drinks?

Check out the full discussion of the caffeine content in chocolate in this article.

Does Chocolate Contain Caffeine?

Chocolate does contain caffeine. The difference is, the caffeine content in chocolate is less than coffee or tea. No wonder this food is a favorite because the caffeine content in it can evoke mood and energy in the human body.

Caffeine is often found in a number of foods and drinks, not just coffee, tea and chocolate. This content is a stimulant because it can stimulate the work of the brain. The body's cells begin to activate because the brain triggers an adrenaline reaction after you consume caffeine.

The caffeine content in chocolate comes from the cocoa bean during the manufacturing process. Cocoa beans are peeled from their shells, then go through the stages of fermentation and drying. Finally, the cocoa beans are melted to form chocolate bars. The liquid produced from cocoa beans contains cocoa butter and cocoa solids . Caffeine is found in cocoa solids, but not in cocoa butter.

Chocolate Caffeine Content by Type

Each type of chocolate has a different caffeine content. The caffeine content is affected by the amount of cocoa bean solids. However, you can also identify the amount of caffeine content based on the darkness of the color.

See the details below to find out the details of the cocoa content in each type of chocolate.

1. Dark Chocolate (Dark Chocolate)

Dark chocolate has a higher cocoa content. The density of dark chocolate cocoa can reach 60%-69%. That is, the caffeine content in dark chocolate reaches 86 milligrams per 100 gram serving of chocolate. The higher the cocoa content, the amount of caffeine in the product also increases.

2. Milk Chocolate (Milk Chocolate)

The caffeine content in milk chocolate is lower because it contains less cocoa. Milk chocolate usually has a maximum cocoa density of 45%, so the amount of caffeine is around 43 milligrams per 100 gram serving of chocolate.

Milk chocolate products from Embassy have a fairly low cocoa density. Embassy Azalea contains 34% cocoa, so the caffeine content in this product is not too high.

3. White Chocolate (White Chocolate)

Most white chocolate products are made without cocoa solids , so they don't contain caffeine. The composition of white chocolate is usually in the form of cocoa butter, milk powder, and additional flavors.

However, a white chocolate product from Embassy, ​​namely Embassy Zen , has a cocoa solids content of 33% percent. The amount of caffeine in this product can be compared to milk chocolate.

Comparison of Caffeine Content in Chocolate with Tea and Coffee

Hot chocolate is a chocolate dish that is suitable as a benchmark for comparing caffeine levels in tea and coffee. One 150 ml cup of hot chocolate has a caffeine content ranging from 10-70 milligrams.

The caffeine content is much less than the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. A cup of espresso coffee (237 ml) made from real beans has 95-200 milligrams of caffeine. There is also mocha or latte type coffee containing 63-126 milligrams of caffeine because the levels of coffee beans are less. Meanwhile, instant coffee has lower levels, namely 27-173 milligrams.

How about tea? The amount of caffeine is still higher than hot chocolate. Black tea has 14-70 milligrams of caffeine, while green tea has only 24-45 milligrams. Caffeine levels can also increase or decrease, depending on the number of tea bags and the brewing process.

You can use this information about the amount of caffeine if you want to make a chocolate food or drink menu in a coffee shop or business. Customers also won't worry about the caffeine content in your chocolate dish if you pay attention to the amount of caffeine in the chocolate ingredients used.

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There are many couverture chocolate products from this brand , one of which is Embassy Torres , dark chocolate chips with 51% cocoa content. This product is perfect for making bread or pastry because it gives a variety of textures to the dish.

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So does chocolate contain caffeine? Yes, but the content varies depending on the type of chocolate. Therefore, choose chocolate ingredients with the right cocoa content so that the caffeine content in your dish is not too high.