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6 Cake Decoration Inspirations with Chocolate

6 Inspirasi Dekorasi Cake dengan Cokelat

Of course it is very unfortunate when you see that the chocolate ingredients in the kitchen are not used optimally? The solution, you can create cake decorations with chocolate in various forms.

It's not difficult to process chocolate ingredients into cake decorations, especially if you have chocolate decoration products that are very flexible to shape.

6 Cake Decoration Inspirations with Beautiful Chocolate

Although cake taste is important, no one can deny that cake decoration is always a major consideration for customers. When you want to attract new customers, they must not be familiar with the taste of your cake. Cake decoration is the only powerful 'weapon' to pique their interest.

Chocolate is one of the brilliant ideas in decorating cakes. You can experience two benefits at the same time by using this ingredient: the complete taste of the cake and the attractive visuals of the dish. Therefore, it is not surprising that chefs or bakers always rely on this ingredient when making cakes.

Cake decoration creations with chocolate can be a powerful way to win the hearts of your customers. Still confused about how to apply it? Take a peek at some of the interesting inspirations below.

1. Chocolate Flush

This decoration technique is very easy to make. Before making the decoration, you must cook Tulip Dark Compound Chocolate using the Au-Bain Marie technique . Then, put the melted chocolate into the piping bag , then form decorations resembling water droplets around the cake. Decorate the cake on the turntable so you won't have a hard time decorating it.

2. Patterned Chocolate

This chocolate motif is usually made with a mold. However, there's no harm in trying a new way by using patterned transfer plastic. The method is easy, pour the melted chocolate over the plastic, then flatten it. Refrigerate the chocolate until it hardens before being used as a cake decoration.

3. Chocolate Stick

The next inspiration, you can make chocolate sticks to place on the edge of the cake or as a topping . It's easy, form melted chocolate into sticks using a mold. Let it cool down, then decorate your cake with chocolate sticks.

4. Chocolate Snacks

Chocolate snacks such as pralines , candies, or wafers can also be a brilliant idea for decorating cakes. This option certainly adds to the enjoyment when customers eat the cake. Chocolate snacks are even made by yourself in the kitchen, thus increasing the character of your cake business.

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5. Chocolate Ganache

There are lots of ways to make ganache and buttercream into cake decorations. You can apply it on its own, use a piping bag , or make chocolate ganache flower shapes . Apart from cakes, cupcakes can also be decorated with a spiral-shaped chocolate ganache as a topping .

6. Chocolate Powder Sprinkle

This decoration inspiration is indeed simple, but no less interesting to try. To make it more aesthetically pleasing, use a strainer to sift the cocoa powder on top. Don't sprinkle too much cocoa powder so that customers don't feel bad while eating it.

4 Tips for Making Decorations with Chocolate

Just like processing the dough, the process of decorating a cake is not without its failures. It's not uncommon for your cake decorating results to look far from expectations. Therefore, we provide the best tips for decorating cakes with chocolate.

1. Melt Chocolate Using the Au-Bain Marie Technique

The melted chocolate looks more glossy with the Au-Bain Marie technique. The technique is simple, you just need to cook the chocolate bar over a larger bowl than a saucepan filled with hot water. Keep stirring the chocolate as it cooks so it doesn't get lumpy. When finished, the melted chocolate is ready to be applied to decorate the cake.

2. Have Various Syringe Tips

There are many shapes of syringe tips available, for example roses, leaves, stars, plain, and so on. Use all of these syringe shapes to present various forms of decoration. When applied, press the top of the piping bag so that the chocolate ganache comes out perfectly.

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3. Decorate the Cake on the Turntable

The chocolate ganache decoration on the cake looks more beautiful if you use a turntable, aka lazy susan. You rotate the table while decorating the cake so that the ganache or icing spreads evenly over the entire cake. Choose a lazy susan with a heavy weight so that the table is more stable when supporting the cake.

4. Add Writing on the Cake

Make customers feel special with additional writing on the cake. These tips are not easy, but you can practice writing with melted chocolate. You can also compose the writing from choco chips if you want an unusual cake decoration result.

The Best Choice of Chocolate for Decorating Your Cake Creations

Cake decoration is more perfect with a variety of quality chocolate ingredients from Tulip Chocolate. Take advantage of Tulip Decor Dark Compound Chocolate which is flexible so it can be easily processed into various forms of decoration. This product doesn't melt easily so your cake decorations remain solid and beautiful even at hot room temperatures.

Also use Tulip Chocolate Coating to make it more practical when coating the cake. As a result, the chocolate layer remains intact and does not break easily when the cake is cut. Tulip Chocolate Coating adds an alluring taste and aroma to your cake so that it is more delicious when enjoyed.

One more thing, you can decorate the cake withTulip Hazel Delight as ganache . Customers can enjoy delicious chocolate hazel flavor with this product. This product is also versatile so it can be used as a filling as well as coating your cake.

All of these products can be found easily only at KioskCokelat. We are also ready to accept consultations regarding the right cake decoration material for your dish. Contact KioskCokelat to get cake decoration products with the mainstay chocolate right now.