Apa Saja Kegunaan Coklat?

What Are the Uses of Chocolate?

The use of chocolate in the culinary world is very diverse. What are the uses? Check out the complete information through the following article.

Chocolate is not just a snack with various flavors that you often eat. There are various uses of chocolate, especially in the culinary world that you may not know about. What are the uses of chocolate?

Through this article, you will understand the various functions of chocolate in the culinary world, especially bakery and pastry . This information will certainly be very useful if you are interested in opening a profitable culinary business using chocolate as the main concept.

5 Uses of Chocolate in the Culinary World

In the culinary world, chocolate has at least 5 uses as follows:

1. Mixed Ingredients for Making Cakes

Black forest or chocolate lava cake is a chocolate cake dish that is loved by many people. To make these cakes, chocolate is needed which is mixed into the basic ingredients to make the cake.

There are various kinds of chocolate that is usually used for making cakes. You can use cocoa powder or melted compound chocolate. Each type of chocolate is used according to need.

2. Coating Material

Coatings on some cakes also require chocolate. Usually, the chocolate used as a coating material is chocolate that has been melted. However, there is also a simpler way if you want to make a coating material from chocolate, namely by using Tulip Chocolate Coating .

Tulip Chocolate Coating can be directly used as a coating material for all kinds of dishes. You can add milk or water if you want a more liquid coating.

3. Stuffing Ingredients

Chocolate is also often used as a filling ingredient in cakes and pastries . Examples include fillings for eclairs, croissants , and many more. To make chocolate filling, you can directly use Tulip Chocolate Paste .

How to use it is very easy. You can simply use Tulip Sciroppi as a filling. Alternatively, you can add heavy cream for a thicker filling.

4. Decoration or Garnish

Another use of chocolate in the culinary world is to serve as a decoration or garnish . Melted chocolate can be formed into various decorations such as flowers, long spirals and more. In addition, cocoa powder can be used as a garnish sprinkled over dishes to strengthen the chocolate flavor. To make decorations, you can also use an easier method, namely Tulip Decor Dark Compound Chocolate .

5. Used As A Drink

Not only dishes, chocolate can also be used as a drink. You can use cocoa powder added with sugar to make a delicious hot chocolate drink.

If you want an easier way, you only need to use Tulip Cioccolato which is an instant cocoa powder drink. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon to enhance the aroma of the hot chocolate drink.

2 Benefits of Consuming Chocolate

There are various benefits that can be felt from consuming chocolate, both for you and for customers. What are the benefits?

1. Warms the Body

Consuming chocolate in the form of processed hot drinks will certainly make the body warm. Especially if the drink is enjoyed in the cold heavy rain.

2. Improves Mood

Did you know that chocolate contains phenylethylamine which can improve one's mood . So, anyone who consumes chocolate will have a better mood because of its content. Of course, the mood will also be further improved when customers eat delicious chocolate dishes and the taste cannot be forgotten from their tongues.

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So, do you understand what are the uses of chocolate? There are many uses for chocolate in the culinary world and you can use the information above to create your own culinary business.

You need to know, a culinary business with a pastry and bakery theme that uses chocolate as its main ingredient can attract a lot of customer attention. This is because chocolate has been in demand by many people from various backgrounds.

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4. Cocoa Powder from Tulip Chocolate

The last product recommendation is the cocoa powder product line from Tulip Chocolate. You can use Tulip Burgundy Cocoa Powder, Tulip Bordeaux Cocoa Powder, Tulip Noir Cocoa Powder, to Tulip Cioccolato instant chocolate powder. Each product variant has a different level of chocolate and can be used according to the needs of the dish you want to make. For the complete catalog, you can view it here .

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