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7 Delicious Hot Chocolate Drinks For Business

minuman cokelat panas

In the cold rainy season, hot chocolate drink is one type of drink that is very suitable to be enjoyed because it can help warm up. The distinctive taste of chocolate cannot be obtained from other ingredients. Therefore, there are lots of people who really like any drink or food made from chocolate.

Through this article, you will get some recommendations for delicious hot chocolate drinks that are perfect to enjoy when the weather is cold. But before that, let's look at the explanation below about the opportunity to run a chocolate drink business in Indonesia!

Opportunity to Run a Chocolate Drink Business

The chocolate drink business is a type of business that promises big profits. Chocolate itself is indeed one of the ingredients that many people like, both for drinks and food. In addition, chocolate drinks are also very flexible because they can be served hot or cold.

In Indonesia itself, the current beverage business is indeed booming . Chocolate drink itself has succeeded in becoming one of the contemporary drinks that is a favorite of many people. Here are some reasons why the chocolate drink business can be a profitable business opportunity:

  • Chocolate drink is a drink that is liked by many people around the world, including in Indonesia. This makes the chocolate beverage business has a broad market potential.
  • The need for chocolate drinks is not only limited to rainy season or hot drinks, but can be consumed throughout the year depending on the serving. This makes the chocolate drink business unaffected by the season or not a seasonal business.
  • The chocolate drink business can be developed by adding a variety of flavors, such as hot chocolate topped with whipped cream , marshmallows , or other ingredients that consumers like.
  • With a wide variety of flavors on offer, the chocolate beverage business can attract different consumer interests.
  • A chocolate drink business can be run with relatively little capital, especially if you start this business from home or rent a place at an affordable price.
  • You can run a chocolate drink business offline , such as opening a shop or kiosk, or online by selling it through social media or food delivery applications.

By considering the factors above, the chocolate drink business can be a profitable business opportunity for those of you who want to try opening a new business. However, like any other business, the chocolate beverage business also requires good planning and management in order to develop optimally.

7 Delicious Hot Chocolate Drinks For Business

There are many types of chocolate drinks that you can include as a menu when you want to open a chocolate drink business. Here are some delicious hot chocolate drinks for business.

1. Classic Hot Chocolate

classic hot chocolate

Classic hot chocolate is the most basic type of hot chocolate drink. You only need to brew cocoa powder to make it, then add full cream milk to make it taste even creamier . You can also not add milk at all to make the chocolate taste more pronounced.

To make classic hot chocolate , you can use Tulip Cioccolato which is the best quality ready-to-drink cocoa powder. Here is the complete recipe.


  • 1 cup warm milk
  • 30 gr Tulip Cioccolato

How to make:

  • Place the Tulip Cioccolato in a cup or glass.
  • Pour warm milk into it, then stir until smooth.

It's easy, right? Now you can serve classic hot chocolate that is delicious and can warm the body!

2. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

To make this hot chocolate drink, you just need to make classic hot chocolate and then add colorful marshmallows as a topping on top. However, if you don't really like sweet flavors, make sure not to add full cream milk when making the chocolate drink.

3. Hot Chocolate with Burned Marshmallows

Hot Chocolate with Burned Marshmallows

If you don't have any colorful marshmallows , simply lightly toast them after adding them over the hot chocolate. That way, you can get a more colorful and less monotonous appearance and a more distinctive taste. Apart from that, you can also add caramel on top.

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4. Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream and Cinnamon

Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream and Cinnamon

Just like the previous drink, you only need to make classic hot chocolate without or with full cream milk and then add whipped cream as a topping on top. To make it look prettier and taste even more delicious, you can add cinnamon.

5. Salted Hot Chocolate

Salted Hot Chocolate

Did you know that salt can make chocolate taste more delicious? According to Art Chocolate , salt can accentuate sweetness and suppress bitterness, as well as functioning as a natural flavor enhancer in chocolate. You can simply add a pinch of salt to a classic hot chocolate recipe to make the chocolate taste better by balancing the flavors and bringing out lots of subtle nuances.

6. Hot Dalgona Chocolate

Hot Dalgona Chocolate

Who hasn't heard the word 'dalgona'? This type of drink, which has become popular since the pandemic, has won the hearts of many people because of its unique taste. Although generally made using coffee, you can also make dalgona using chocolate, you know.

To make it, you can use a variety of dalgona-making recipes found on the internet. Then, simply replace the coffee grounds with cocoa powder only. Here is one recipe that you can follow.


How to make:

  • Prepare one bowl.
  • Place the granulated sugar and Bordeaux Powdered Cocoa Tulip in a bowl, then add 2 tablespoons of warm water.
  • Beat the mixture using a mixer at low to medium speed until the mixture is thick and stiff.
  • Pour warm liquid milk into a glass.
  • Add the dalgona chocolate mixture to the glass.
  • Sprinkle Tulip Choco Chips as a topping and complement the taste.

It's easy to make, right? Guaranteed there will be many customers who love it!

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7. Chocolate Milk Coffee

Chocolate Milk Coffee

There are tons of people who love chocolate; there are also lots of people who like coffee. What if the two were put together? Well, you can easily make chocolate milk coffee with a distinctive coffee and chocolate taste and a creamy texture from milk. Here is the complete recipe.


How to make:

  • Prepare a saucepan and add Tulip Burgundy Cocoa Powder, milk, sugar and espresso into it.
  • Heat a saucepan over low to medium heat and stir to combine.
  • Pour hot chocolate milk coffee into a cup.

For the record, you can directly use Tulip Cioccolato to replace cocoa powder , sugar and milk. Tulip Cioccolato is a ready-to-brew chocolate drink that contains cocoa powder , sugar and milk, so you don't need to add it to the hot chocolate drink recipe above. However, to add a creamier texture , you can add liquid milk according to taste.

If you want to serve the hot chocolate drink above to customers, let's just get the chocolate products from KioskCokelat right now!