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Choice of Beautiful Chocolate Cake Decorations

Pilihan Dekorasi Cake Coklat yang Cantik

Are you confused looking for chocolate cake decoration ideas for your bakery? Don't worry, KioskCokelat will give you some recommendations for chocolate decoration creations that are unique and can also be made easily.

You only need to prepare a few simple tools and ingredients to make this chocolate cake decoration. Curious how to make it? Let's look at this article carefully!

Chocolate Cake Decoration Creation Recommendations

With only a few cooking tools at home and simple ingredients, you can make these cute, unique and out of the box decorations .

The following are some recommendations for chocolate cake decoration creations, along with the tools and materials needed:

1. Chocolate Flowers

This one chocolate cake decoration can make the cakes sold in your bakery more beautiful and more attractive, you know. Curious how to make it? First of all, you have to prepare some of the tools and materials below:

  • Tulip Chocolate Compound, adjust to the color you want
  • If you want white then you can use Tulip White Chocolate Compound
  • If you want a dark color then you can use Tulip Dark Chocolate Compound
  • Baking paper
  • Cylinder tubes
  • Round cookie cutters
  • Paper plates
  • Sprinkles
  • Spoon
  • Comb

After all the tools and ingredients have been prepared, you can melt the chocolate first. After that, you can follow the steps below to make chocolate flower decorations for your cake:

  • Make the petals: Pipe chocolate onto baking paper
  • Then shape the chocolate like the shape of a flower petal using a spoon slowly
  • Enter the piping results into the cylinder tube in a semi-dry state
  • Make the flower crown: Pipe the chocolate onto the baking paper again
  • Sprinkle the chocolate with sprinkles to form a flower crown
  • Remove the first dry chocolate, and save it by forming a flower using a round cookie cutter on the prepared paper plate
  • Insert the chocolate in the shape of a flower crown into the chocolate flower that was made before
  • Make the leaves: Pipe the chocolate onto the baking paper again
  • The shape of the chocolate becomes like a leaf using a comb
  • Put the chocolate into the cylinder tube in a semi-dry state
  • Remove the brown leaves that have dried

When all the decorations are ready, you can start laying them out on the cake that you have made to beautify the cake.

2. Chocolate Fans

This one cake decoration is quite simple but can make the cake you have made much more beautiful. To make it, you can follow the steps below:

  • Melt the Tulip Chocolate Compound at 40 - 45 degrees Celsius then lower it to 34 - 35 degrees Celsius
  • Pour the melted chocolate in straight lines over the clean medium
  • Use a metal scraper to make a chocolate fan by scooping up the dried chocolate

It's easy, right? If the decorations are ready, then you only need to arrange them on the cake that has already been made to make it more beautiful.

If you want clearer directions, you can watch these two videos:

Check other videos to get other interesting information about chocolate decorations or chocolate recipes that are unique and easy to make!

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We hope that the recommendations for chocolate cake decoration creations that we convey can be easily understood and can help your food business, OK!