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Follow How to Make Easy Decorative Chocolate

Ikuti Cara Membuat Coklat Hias yang Mudah

As someone who works in the culinary world, especially in the bakery sector, you must know how to make unique and attractive decorative chocolates. If you are confused and need creative ideas, don't worry because KioskCokelat will help you!

Only by capitalizing on Tulip Chocolate Compound which you can easily get at KioskCokelat, you can already make various decorative chocolate creations that can beautify and beautify your homemade cakes.

Curious how to make it? Let's look at the article below carefully!

What Is Decorative Chocolate?

decorative chocolate

Decorative chocolates are chocolate creations that are usually used to decorate or decorate various cake, cake and dessert creations. Decorative chocolate can be made with various types of chocolate, such as compound chocolate, couverture chocolate, cocoa powder, chocolate bars, and so on.

Some types of decorative chocolate include:

  • Liquid chocolate that is printed and shaped
  • Chocolate ganache, glaze, frosting and cream
  • Shaved chocolate

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How to Make Decorative Chocolate Like a Tree

If you want to make decorative chocolate tree decorations, or Chocolate Tree, to decorate your cakes or maybe just want to display them as decorations in your bakery, then you've come to the right place!

The materials and tools needed to make this decorative chocolate are fairly easy to find and are usually owned by every baker . Curious how to make it?

Materials and tools

Before starting the process of making this Chocolate Tree, you must first prepare the materials and tools below:

  • Raspberries
  • Tulip Dark Chocolate Compound
  • Flower and leaf decoration
  • Chocolate chantilly cream
  • Financier
  • Ice
  • Big bowl
  • Piping bags

Make sure you prepare all the ingredients and tools mentioned above, OK?

How to make

If all the ingredients and tools have been prepared, then you can follow the easy steps below to make Chocolate Tree:

  1. Melt Tulip Dark Chocolate Compound and chocolate chantilly cream
  2. Place the melted chocolate in a piping bag
  3. Put the ice cubes into a large bowl
  4. Pour the chocolate over the ice cubes in a large bowl using a piping bag, making sure it looks like a tree trunk
  5. Make sure whether the chocolate is frozen or not, if it is frozen then you can lift it to change its position
  6. Add more chocolate to the tree trunks that have been made to form other tree trunks and branches, to give a 3-dimensional effect
  7. If the chocolate has frozen remove the chocolate
  8. Start decorating the chocolate that has the shape of a tree with leaf decorations on some parts of the branches
  9. To complete the Chocolate Tree, you can add some decorations and other simple desserts

    Ta-da! Chocolate Tree is also ready to be served. You can display it in a cooler that has a glass door so you can see it, or you can even serve this decorative chocolate as a menu for customers to choose from.

    So, if you feel that the method described above is still not clear, you can watch this video: Tulip Special Decoration: Chocolate Tree

    Not only the Chocolate Tree, you know, there are many other ways to make chocolate decorations that you can see. Just visit the YouTube channel and see the video collection, OK?

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    If you are looking for chocolate ingredients for a food business, be it a bakery, cafe or restaurant that you are running, then you can try looking for it at KioskCokelat.

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    We hope that the method for making Chocolate Tree decorative chocolates that we present in this article can be easily understood and can help your food business, huh!