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9 Ideas to Decorate a Birthday Cake with Chocolate

Kiosk will give you 9 inspirations to decorate birthday cakes with chocolate, from mirror glaze to cakes sprinkled with chocolate snacks.
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Birthday cake has become a tradition that must exist when someone gets older. You can celebrate a customer's anniversary with a beautiful tart dish. Decorating a birthday cake with chocolate is the first choice that you can give to customers.

Are you looking for inspiration for a delicious and attractive birthday cake decoration? Find brilliant birthday cake decorating ideas in this article.

9 Ideas to Decorate a Birthday Cake with Chocolate for Your Customer's Happy Day

Customers prefer aesthetics when choosing a tart. You must take advantage of this opportunity to make customers interested in the creations of the dishes served. The method is simple, namely decorating a birthday cake with various chocolate ingredients.

Who says chocolate can only provide delicacy when eaten? You can process chocolate into decoration materials if you know how to use it. The proof is, there are so many beautiful birthday creations using only various chocolate ingredients. Take a peek at the various decoration inspirations below.

1. Chocolate Mirror Glaze

Present a luxurious impression on your birthday cake with the addition of mirror glaze decorations . Even though it's simple, this birthday cake decoration idea is very up-to-date and is sure to be frequently sought after by your customers. The material for the coating can use Tulip Decor White Compound Chocolate which can be mixed with any coloring to make your birthday cake more colorful.

2. Chocolate Snacks

Biscuits, wafer sticks , wafers , and chocolate fingers are some examples of the many chocolate snacks for cake decoration. You can also make your own macaroon cake to add to the decoration. In essence, be creative using a variety of snacks from homemade chocolate or ready-made to decorate a festive birthday cake.

3. Alloy of Two Materials

Try combining chocolate with other ingredients, one of which is chocolate candy. You can use the inspiration from this picture to make a unique birthday cake because of its yin and yang shape . Another inspiration, you can combine chocolate with fruit, especially strawberries and raspberries to make it look brighter.

4. Name Writing from White Chocolate

Customers feel even more special when they see the name on the birthday cake. Make their happy feelings come true by adding their name above your dish. You can melt white chocolate or work it into fondant that can be shaped into customer names.

5. Sprinkle of Meses

There are two options of meses to choose from to decorate birthday cakes: chocolate sprinkles or colorful meses. Chocolate sprinkles will enhance the taste of your dish to make it richer, while colorful sprinkles make birthday cakes look cheerful and sweet. Either way, make it suit your customer's tastes.

6. Multi-tier Cake

multi tier cake

Want a birthday cake that looks fancy and catches everyone's attention? Try making a multi-tiered cake . Only by adding tiers, the birthday cake will look more beautiful and luxurious. Especially if you decorate the cake again with various toppings such as melted chocolate, fondant and buttercream . Of course the appearance of the cake will look more beautiful and attractive.

7. Chocolate Drip

chocolate drip

Furthermore, you can also decorate the cake with melted chocolate by using it as a chocolate drip . The design of this cake does look simple, but the melted chocolate that is visible on the sides of the cake makes it look even more delicious and attractive. How to make this one cake decoration is also quite easy, you only need a type of compound chocolate or cooking chocolate . Simply melt and pour melted chocolate down the sides of the cake. Then, let the chocolate harden before serving the cake.

8. Assorted Piping Buttercream

piping buttercream

Decorating a cake using buttercream is common. However, with a beautiful piping tip , the cake can look more attractive. Then, when you're tired of the usual buttercream flavors, try combining it with ganache to make chocolate buttercream that's not only delicious, but also pretty to look at.

9. Sprinkle Fresh Fruit

fresh fruit

Tired of chocolate decorations? One of the cake decorations that you can use to balance the taste of a chocolate birthday cake is fresh fruit. The slightly sour taste will make the chocolate cake taste more delicious. Fruits such as strawberries , raspberries , and cherries are perfect for decorating chocolate cakes

5 Tips for Processing Chocolate for Birthday Cake Decoration

You definitely need creativity to make various forms of birthday cake decorations, especially if the only available decoration material is chocolate. No need to worry because chocolate can be processed into various forms of decoration. KioskCokelat will share creative tips on how to process chocolate below.

1. Adjust to the Birthday Theme

It feels more special when you make birthday cakes according to customer orders. Try asking customers about their decoration preferences first, then you can make decorations according to their requests. Also offer decoration designs that have been made from your portfolio if they don't have any ideas yet.

2. Use the Au-Bain Marie Technique

Decorations such as mirror glaze or other coatings will be more beautiful if the melted chocolate is shiny. Best of all, you can use the Au-Bain Marie technique to melt Tulip Dark Compound Chocolate . The key is, don't let the chocolate rest while it's cooking, but keep stirring it until it melts completely.

3. Make Frosting or Buttercream

Frosting or buttercream has always been a mainstay decoration for birthday cakes. The texture of a good cake frosting is always soft, but still stable so that it can still be formed into elements of your cake decorations. To make it easier, you can make frosting using Tulip Chocolate Cream .

4. Combine Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate

Dark and white chocolate can bring drama to a cake. This idea can be used to make an elegant marble pattern coating . Don't melt the white chocolate and white chocolate at the same time, but mix them in a single pan when they are completely melted.

5. Try Making Ombre Theme Decorations

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate come in different colors, so they can be used to make ombre- patterned decorations . Start with the darkest chocolate on the bottom of the cake, then use milk chocolate to coat the center and finish with white chocolate.

Not only the outer decoration, you can also do this technique on the inside of the cake so that it is more elegant when cut. This chocolate color mix and match technique can also be applied to make rose-shaped frosting as a birthday cake decoration.

Choose Quality Chocolate Raw Materials from KioskCocolat!

The best tips for processing chocolate are using quality chocolate ingredients from Tulip Chocolate. There are still many products that can be used to decorate cakes, one of which isTulip Hazel Delight for a lighter cake ganache . Customers will also feel the delicious taste of hazelnuts when eating this dish.

The activity of decorating a birthday cake with chocolate will be more satisfying thanks to the best chocolate products. Birthday cakes will look elegant, attractive and even more delicious when eaten by customers. Interested in getting the product? Contact KioskCokelat and serve special birthday cakes to your customers with only our best products.