4 Pilihan Jenis Cokelat Hias Untuk Kue dan Tips Dekorasinya

4 Choices of Types of Decorative Chocolates for Cakes and Decoration Tips

Chocolate is one of the most sought-after ingredient choices when decorating a cake. Not only delicious, but decorative chocolate can also make your cake look more attractive. Not to mention, there are many types of decorative chocolate for cakes that are no less interesting to try on your cake dishes.
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Chocolate has become one of the most sought-after ingredient choices when decorating a cake. This ingredient not only gives delicacy, but makes your cake look more shiny too. Not to mention, there are many types of decorative chocolate for cakes that are no less interesting to try on your cake dishes.

What chef doesn't want to serve a cake without any decoration on the dish? Surely nothing, right? You also definitely want to serve cakes with attractive visuals to attract the attention of customers. For that, let's see this article until it's finished so you can get inspiration for chocolate decorations for cakes.

Types of Decorative Chocolate for Cakes

The popularity of chocolate as a cake decoration is no longer in doubt. Apart from its delicious taste, customers can see the beauty of a dish from the chocolate decoration. Interestingly, decorative chocolate for cakes is available in various types and shapes.

You need to know the various types of decorative chocolate and how to apply it to cake dishes properly. Anything?

1. Ganache

chocolate ganache

Ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream or other liquid ingredients, such as milk and even juice. The texture of the ganache can vary and depends on the ratio of cream to chocolate. The larger the portion of cream than the chocolate, the smoother the ganache will be at room temperature. Conversely, the more chocolate used to make the ganache , the thicker and thicker the texture will be.

You can make ganache as a topping, frosting and filling for cakes and pastry products. Apart from that, ganache can also be processed into melted chocolate, like fudge or chocolate fondue which is no less delicious for your customers.

2. Glazes

glazed chocolate

Glaze is liquid chocolate that can be used to coat cakes and desserts with a lighter and more liquid texture than ganache . This decoration material can be processed from melted chocolate bars using the Au-Bain Marie method so that it looks more shiny.

The application of glaze on tart cakes is usually in the form of chocolate drip or beautiful melted chocolate on top. Not only tarts, chocolate glaze can also be applied as a donut or bread topping , then chilled until it hardens in the fridge.

3. Coating

coating chocolate

As the name implies, coating means coating part or all of the cake with chocolate ingredients to add to the taste. The chocolate layer can be processed from compound chocolate or couverture chocolate with different processing techniques.

Chocolate coating applications are not limited to cakes or other bakery products. You can use the coating method on chocolate sweets such as truffles and pralines which can be used as additional cake decoration materials.

4. Chocolate Mold

mold chocolate

Finally, you can use chocolate molds of various shapes and forms to decorate the cake. There are lots of shapes that can be made as cake decorations, from chocolate fences, shaved chocolate, sticks, motifs, to wasp nests. When decorating it, you need to pay attention to its placement so that it looks aesthetically pleasing and not messy.

Typically, these printed chocolates are made from melted compound or couverture chocolate . Once melted, pour the chocolate into the mold and wait for the chocolate to harden. After that, remove the chocolate from the mold and the decorative chocolate products are ready to be used to decorate tarts and other desserts .

Tips for Decorating Cakes with Chocolate

Even though it is included in the last step, decorating the cake is a process that is no less important. You actually need patience in order to produce decorations that can attract the attention of customers.

There are also some tips that you shouldn't miss when you want to decorate a cake with the four types of chocolate decorations above. Check out the tips below so that the cake decorating process doesn't end in failure.

1. Use Various Cake Decorating Tools

Lots of cake decorating tools are available to make it easier to apply chocolate decorations to your dish. Lazy susan, palette knife, piping bag and syringe , icing comb are four of the many tools. Make the most of these tools so you can produce a variety of charming cake decorations.

2. Avoid high temperature rooms

Chocolate decorations such as ganache and glaze run the risk of melting easily when applied to high-temperature kitchens. It's not impossible for your cake decoration to become messy because it's already melted. Therefore, you need an area or space with normal or cool room temperature to decorate the cake.

3. Wait for the Cake to Cool

You should never rush to decorate a cake just out of the oven. The cake temperature that is still high will actually damage the texture of the chocolate decoration. Wait for the cake to cool for 6-12 hours in the chiller before you start decorating this dish.

4. Look for Cake Decoration Inspiration

Lots of references regarding cake decorating can be found on the internet. You only need to find all the decoration references and apply them in cake dishes. Sometimes, there are some decoration techniques that look complicated. Try to learn it so that your expertise will increase in the bakery and cake business.

The Best Chocolate Ingredients for Decorating Cakes

One more important tip that should not be missed in decorating cakes is using the right ingredients. Chocolate Kiosk provides quality chocolate to enhance your cake decorating experience. Use the best chocolate decoration materials we recommend below.

1. Tulip Coating Chocolate

Instead of making your own, use Tulip Coating Chocolate for your cake decorations. The appearance of your dish is more elegant with a dark and shiny brown color. The coating will not crack when cut so that the shape remains beautiful and intact.

2. Black or White Chocolate Decor Compound

Finally, use Black Decorating Compound Chocolate so you can flexibly process chocolate bars into various creations. This chocolate compound is not only easy to process, but because it is made specifically for making cake decorations, the results of decorations made from this type of chocolate will look more shiny and attractive.

Apart from the dark chocolate variant, this product is also available in a white variant so you can produce more colorful and attractive cake decorations.

Contact KioskCokelat to get the two products above and start decorating your dishes with various types of decorative chocolate for cakes that have been discussed in this article. Good luck!