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How Many Types of Compound Chocolate Are There?

Ada Berapa Jenis Coklat Compound?

Did you know that there are several types of compound chocolate that can be used to make various chocolate preparations? If you want to try making processed chocolate in an easy way, various types of compound chocolate can be an alternative way to make delicious chocolate preparations.

So, what are the types of compound chocolate that can be used to make various chocolate preparations? Let's see the full review below!

What is Compound Chocolate?

what is compound chocolate

Compound chocolate is block chocolate that contains cocoa or cocoa fat in its composition. Instead, compound chocolate usually contains other vegetable fats.

This makes the chocolate easier to melt and shape without having to go through the tempering process first. Therefore, many people often use various types of compound chocolate because it is easier to use.

What's the difference between Couverture and Compound Chocolate?

Apart from compound chocolate, there is actually one other type of chocolate based on its ingredients, namely couverture chocolate. Let's get to know first what are the differences between couverture and compound chocolate.

1. Percentage of Cocoa Butter

The biggest difference between compound chocolate and couverture chocolate is the cocoa butter or cocoa fat content. Couverture chocolate is often referred to as real chocolate because it is made from a mixture of real cocoa mass and cocoa butter . This type of chocolate has a high percentage of cocoa butter in it.

On the other hand, compound chocolate usually contains less cocoa butter than couverture chocolate. Instead, compound chocolate usually contains other vegetable fats. The vegetable fats used can come from palm oil, shea butter , and so on.

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2. Characteristics of Chocolate

The characteristics of compound and couverture chocolate are also different due to differences in composition and percentage of cocoa butter content in them. Because it contains a high percentage of cocoa butter , couverture chocolate has properties that don't melt easily when stored at room temperature but remain soft and melt in the mouth. The couverture display is even more glossy and makes a snap sound when broken.

On the other hand, compound chocolate is also influenced by the fat content it has. The properties of compound chocolate depend on the vegetable fat product used. But usually, compound chocolate doesn't melt easily at room temperature but the texture is slightly different from couverture chocolate. Its appearance is not as glossy as couverture chocolate and does not have a snap when broken.

3. Handling

The biggest difference between the two types of chocolate is the way it is handled. Couverture chocolate tends to be more difficult for beginners to handle because it has to go through a tempering process . This is because the content of cocoa butter in this type of chocolate needs to be stabilized first.

On the other hand, compound chocolate is much easier to handle because it can be melted immediately and used to make various creations without the need for special handling. Therefore, compound chocolate can be a good choice for those of you who are just starting to process chocolate.

4. Price

The final difference lies in the price. Due to the high content of cocoa butter and cocoa mass , couverture chocolate is relatively more expensive than compound chocolate. On the other hand, compound chocolate is more affordable. So, don't be surprised if chocolate lovers like to buy compound chocolate.

Not only that, because of the price difference, compound chocolate is also suitable as a base for various dessert creations for small businesses. This price difference can help reduce production costs without compromising taste.

3 Types of Chocolate compound

compound chocolate flavor

Judging from the taste, compound chocolate itself has 3 types, namely: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate . Compound chocolate is often used as a basic ingredient for making chocolate candies and various types of cakes. Here's the full explanation:

1. Dark Chocolate

The first type of compound chocolate is dark chocolate , which is chocolate made from cocoa powder and processed without adding milk. Dark chocolate has a denser texture and stronger cocoa aroma compared to the other two types of compound chocolate.

The absence of additional milk in the composition makes dark chocolate have a drier and chalkier texture when compared to other types of compound chocolate. In addition, dark chocolate also has a chocolate flavor that is more concentrated and relatively bitter than other flavors.

This type of compound chocolate usually needs to be sliced ​​thinly then melted and reprocessed to be used as an additional cake or bread dough.

2. Milk Chocolate

As the name implies, milk chocolate is a type of compound chocolate that has additional milk content in its composition. When compared to dark chocolate , the taste of milk chocolate is creamier because of the milk content. Naturally, for direct consumption, people prefer this type of compound chocolate.

In addition to a sweeter taste, the texture of milk chocolate is smoother than dark chocolate . Milk chocolate is more susceptible to excess heat or overheating which eventually makes the chocolate burn.

3. White Chocolate

Unlike the two types of compound chocolate above, this white chocolate actually doesn't contain any cocoa content in its composition. This also causes this type of compound chocolate to have a white color like pale ivory.

In terms of taste, this white chocolate does not have a chocolate taste at all like dark chocolate and milk chocolate , but instead tastes like vanilla or other ingredients included in its composition. Many people even call this type of compound chocolate not included in chocolate.

How to Get Compound Chocolate?

If you are running a business engaged in the culinary field, you will definitely need basic ingredients such as chocolate for the various menus provided. Compound chocolate is one of the most widely used types of chocolate for various food preparations, both for cakes and for bread.

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