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Assorted Delicious Waffle Toppings

There are lots of different waffle toppings that you can enjoy. Anything? Find recommendations for various waffle toppings through the following article.

There are lots of different waffle toppings that you can enjoy. Waffle itself is a food that is often consumed for breakfast, especially in Western countries such as France, Belgium, the United States and the United Kingdom. Over time, waffles have become increasingly popular and have become a common menu served in cafes, restaurants and cake shops.

Through this article, you will learn what the various toppings for waffles are, both sweet and salty toppings . But before that, you need to know what waffles are in depth first. Let's see the full explanation below!

Get to know Waffles

know waffles

Waffle is a dish made from dough ( dough or leavened batter ) that is cooked between two mold plates that are patterned to give it a distinctive size, shape, and surface impression ( waffle iron ). There are many variations of waffles that you can find based on the type of waffle iron and the recipe used.

Usually, waffle batter is made by mixing ingredients such as flour, eggs, milk, and butter or oil into a container and then stirring until well blended. Waffle batter is then poured into a heated waffle iron , and baked until it looks dry and golden.

Waffles can be served as a meal for breakfast or as a snack during the day or evening. Waffles can be a fun food choice for people who like food with a crunchy texture and sweet taste. In addition, various waffle toppings that can be used also make the taste more flexible.

Waffle is a dish that is worldwide and can be found in almost every country, although usually only with one variety. However, in France and Belgium, there are more than a dozen varieties of waffles that you can find. Even now, there are already many cake shops that sell frozen waffles that can be reheated or even waffles that are sold commercially at retail stores.

Indonesia itself has a traditional dish that is similar to waffles , namely 'gapit cake' originating from Cirebon, West Java. Generally, kue gapit is made from tapioca flour and baked between iron molds such as a waffle iron . The name of the gapit cake itself is taken from the cooking method which is flanked by two mold plates. Just like waffles , this dish also comes in various shapes and flavors.

Assorted Delicious Waffle Toppings

Waffles are one of the most versatile dishes because there are a wide variety of toppings you can use. Here are a variety of delicious waffle toppings that you can try.

1. Whipped Cream

Waffle Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is a classic topping that is often used for desserts, including waffles . If you've ever ordered a waffle at a cafe or restaurant, chances are they'll serve it with a dollop of whipped cream on top. This whipped cream topping also works really well with fruit like peaches and strawberries.

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2. Maple Syrup

In the United States, maple syrup is the most classic waffle topping and is still used today. The distinctive sweet taste of maple syrup blends very well with the softness of the waffles . No wonder so many Americans feel incomplete if they eat waffles without maple syrup.

3. Refined Sugar

Waffles are a delicious dish that's really simple, so you can also add simple toppings like powdered sugar. Traditionally, people in the United States will add cinnamon sugar as a topping , but you can add regular powdered sugar alone.

4. Ice Cream

Ice Cream Waffles

If you like whipped cream topping , then you will definitely like ice cream topping on waffles . The combination of warm waffles and cold ice cream will really whet your appetite. Almost all cafes or restaurants that serve waffles will definitely have ice cream topping options to choose from.

5. Banana and Honey

If you want a healthier topping , try adding bananas and honey on top of the waffles . The combination of natural sweetness from bananas and honey will really spoil your tongue. The waffles you serve are guaranteed to look prettier, and of course, will taste more delicious.

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6. Chocolate Syrup

Who doesn't like chocolate ? Almost any dessert tastes better with chocolate added, including waffles . The distinctive chocolate flavor will blend very well with waffles . If you are interested in using chocolate syrup for your waffle topping , you can use Tulip Sciroppi which is a chocolate syrup with a velvety texture.

7. Chocolate Jam

If you want a richer, more intense chocolate flavor, try using chocolate spread as a topping for your waffles . There are lots of choices of chocolate spread that you can use, starting from Tulip Chocolate Cream which has a strong chocolate flavor orTulip Hazel Delight which has a mixture of peanut and chocolate flavors.

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8.Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chip Waffles

Chocolate chips are actually rarely used as a stand-alone waffle topping , but rather as a complement. You can add choco chips to complement your topping with chocolate syrup, whipped cream or ice cream. That way, you'll have a richer texture on top of the waffle . If interested, you can use Tulip Choco Chips .

9. Cow's Eye Egg

Apart from sweet toppings , waffles can also be added with salty toppings . One of the most frequently added salty toppings is sunny side up eggs. Usually, people in the United States and the United Kingdom will add sunny side up eggs and bacon (pork) as toppings . However, if you cannot eat pork, eggs sunny side up will suffice.

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10. Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Waffles

Apart from sunny side up eggs, fried chicken is also one of the salty toppings most often added to waffles . You can add fried chicken strips on top of the waffle , then add a salty sauce like gravy sauce or BBQ sauce , adjust it to your taste.

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