Apa Itu Fat Bloom?

What is Fat Bloom?

What is fat bloom ? Simply put, fat bloom is the phenomenon of the appearance of white spots or deposits on the surface of chocolate. How did it happen? Listen here!

What is fat bloom ? Simply put, fat bloom is the phenomenon of the appearance of white spots or deposits on the surface of chocolate that occurs due to crystallization of brown fat or separation of fat from chocolate. Fat bloom that occurs in chocolate can reduce the aesthetic appearance of chocolate and affect the texture and taste of chocolate.

Through this article, you will learn more about what fat bloom is. Apart from that, you will also be able to find out how to store chocolate properly to avoid fat bloom . Let's see the full explanation below!

What is Fat Bloom?

Fat bloom is a phenomenon that occurs in chocolate, where there is an uneven surface that looks greasy. Generally, fat bloom is caused by the separation of fat and unstable sucrose crystals in chocolate. This can be caused by several factors such as drastic temperature changes, improper storage or improper processing.

Fat bloom can affect various factors in chocolate, from taste, texture, to appearance. In addition, chocolate that is experiencing fat bloom will taste rougher and more unpleasant, and will not have a shiny appearance. Not only that, fat bloom can also make chocolate break or crack easily when formed.

Fat bloom can be identified by the appearance of gray streaks on the surface or all over the chocolate. If chocolate is exposed to hot temperatures, the chocolate fat will begin to melt. Once the chocolate fat has melted, it will separate from the other ingredients in the chocolate and rise to the surface. Then, it will harden again and form grayish lines that indicate " bloom ".

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Is Fat Bloom Safe to Eat?

Chocolate with fat bloom is still safe for consumption, although the taste, texture and appearance may not be optimal. Fat bloom will not produce ingredients that are harmful to health and does not affect the hygienic quality of chocolate. However, because fat bloom affects the taste, texture, and appearance of chocolate, chocolate with fat bloom may not be very suitable for use in certain uses.

In the chocolate industry, fat bloom is often seen as a problem because it can affect the quality and selling value of the product. However, even though it does not have a perfect appearance, chocolate with fat bloom is still safe for consumption and can be used in several applications, such as in the production of melted chocolate, cocoa powder, or other food products containing chocolate. The main consideration when deciding to consume chocolate with fat bloom is personal preference for the taste and appearance of chocolate.

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How to Slow the Appearance of White Spots on Chocolate

prevent fat bloom

There are several methods that can be used to slow down the appearance of grayish white spots or fat bloom on chocolate. Here are some tips to prevent the appearance of fat bloom on chocolate.

1. Store in a Stable, Cool and Dry Temperature Environment

Rapid temperature changes and a humid environment are one of the main factors for the appearance of bloom on chocolate. To keep your chocolate smooth and even, make sure to store it in a place with a stable temperature, cool and dry.

It's best to store chocolate at a cool, dry temperature, both before and after the tempering process (for couverture chocolate ). Temperature conditions must also be stable, with an ideal temperature of between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius and an ambient humidity of no more than 50 percent.

2. Stay away from Storage Exposed to Sunlight

Storing chocolate in a place exposed to sunlight can make it melt faster. This means that the cocoa butter (fat) in the chocolate will melt as well and when cooled again, the cocoa butter will rise to the surface of the chocolate and trigger the appearance of grayish white patches or fat bloom .

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3. Avoid moving chocolate

When chocolate is moved around frequently, it is likely to be subjected to frequent temperature changes, which will lead to melting and oxidation. This will only trigger fat blooms and also sugar blooms ( another bloom that occurs because the sugar content in chocolate is oxidized).

Make sure you also have a sure chocolate storage place with a stable temperature, cool and dry. That way, the chocolate you store can retain its taste, texture, and appearance much longer.

4. Use an Airtight Container

The best method for storing chocolate is to use an airtight or airtight container. This will prevent oxidation as there is no moisture to interact directly with the chocolate, preventing sugar bloom .

Storing chocolate in an airtight container will also help preserve the chocolate's aroma. The cocoa butter in the chocolate will mix easily with the aromas of other ingredients. Therefore, by storing chocolate in an airtight container, there will be no aromas from other ingredients that enter the chocolate and change the original aroma of the chocolate.

5. Only Use High Quality Chocolate

Quality does not lie. Chocolate made with high-quality ingredients and a perfect manufacturing process will not easily experience fat bloom or sugar bloom . Therefore, if you have a food business that uses a lot of chocolate, make sure to always use high-quality chocolate to avoid this problem.

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