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Get to Know What Chocolate Paste Is

Chocolate paste is one of the chocolate products in the form of paste, or jam, and can be used for various needs. Get to know more about what chocolate paste is in this article!
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If you are someone who is involved in the culinary world, especially baking , then it is important to know what chocolate paste is. This highly versatile material is widely used for various food-making needs. Apart from that, chocolate paste can also be used as a dip, spread, and much more.

In this article, you will learn complete information about what chocolate paste is. As additional information, you will also get information about the function of chocolate paste in culinary dishes.

What Is Chocolate Paste?

Chocolate paste is one of the chocolate products in the form of paste, or jam, and can be used for various needs. Just like other chocolate products, chocolate paste has various variants, such as dark chocolate paste, white chocolate paste, and milk chocolate paste. In addition, chocolate paste can also vary in composition and consistency.

Chocolate paste is a choice of ingredients that is very suitable for use as a substitute for chocolate bars or cocoa powder in a variety of food recipes. Even though it is made of chocolate, usually the chocolate paste will not harden when stored at room temperature.

Content of Chocolate Paste

Chocolate paste is made from a mixture of cocoa powder, cocoa butter ( cocoa butter ), vegetable oils (such as coconut or palm oil), and milk and sugar. In several types of products that are already on the market, chocolate paste also contains various kinds of additional ingredients such as nuts, strawberries or honey.

The difference between Chocolate Paste and Cocoa Paste

Cocoa paste, or also known as cocoa paste and cocoa liquor , is a natural product derived from the seeds taken from the fruit of the chocolate tree ( Theobroma cacao ). The cocoa beans that have been taken from the cocoa pods are then fermented, dried, roasted in the sun, and separated from the skin. Next, the cocoa beans are ground into cocoa mass . Then, the cocoa mass will be melted down to become cocoa paste.

Unlike chocolate paste, which is a product made from chocolate, cocoa paste is the main ingredient for making chocolate. In addition, cocoa paste also contains cocoa solids and cocoa butter , both of which can be separated. Later, the cocoa solids can be made into cocoa powder ( cocoa powder ), or reunited with cocoa butter to make couverture chocolate .

7 Functions of Chocolate Paste for Culinary Business

Chocolate paste is an ingredient that has many functions and uses for a variety of food products. The following are some of the functions of chocolate paste for the culinary business that you need to know.

1. Filling

Various kinds of bakery and pastry products have chocolate filling in them, such as bread, croissants , lava cake , and many more. You can use chocolate paste to serve as a filling for these foods.

Apart from using chocolate paste as a filling for bakery and pastry products, you can also make a cream filling by adding several ingredients such as cream (or milk) and butter. The texture of the chocolate paste is soft and melts in the mouth, making it a filling that is loved by many people.

2. Spreads

One of the most common uses of chocolate paste is as a spread . The shape of the chocolate paste which is like jam is indeed very suitable for various kinds of spread needs such as bread, cakes, and so on.

You can add a variety of ingredients to this chocolate paste to add variety to the spread . In the market, many chocolate spreads are sold in various flavors, such as peanut and strawberry.

3. Dipping

Chocolate paste is very well suited to be used as a dipping or dipping for various kinds of bakery and pastry products such as churros , biscuits, and many more. To add variety to the taste, you can add several ingredients such as colorful sprinkles , pieces of fruit, or crunchy grains to the chocolate paste mixture.


Chocolate paste is very suitable as a topping for various dishes. For example, you can add chocolate paste to avocado juice to add a brownish taste to the avocado juice. Not only that, chocolate paste can also be used as an ingredient for making chocolate ice cream.

5. Ganache

Ganache is a chocolate cream that is commonly used for various purposes from recipes to decorating bakery and pastry products. You can use this chocolate paste to replace the ganache function. Although there are indeed some chocolate pastes that don't contain cream in them, chocolate paste is the best ingredient that can be used to replace ganache .

6. Mousse

Mousse is a type of simple dessert that is usually served in cafes and restaurants. Mousse itself is made by heating chocolate paste with milk, then gradually mixing it into a mixture of cream, cornstarch and powdered sugar.

7. Pralines and Truffles

Pralines and truffles are confectionery confections that have chocolate filling, or sometimes nuts, inside. Both of these foods are made from a mixture of chocolate, butter, cream, and sugar, and usually have nuts (for pralines ) and fruit or liquor flavors such as wine, whiskey, and so on (for truffles ).

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