menghias donat dengan glaze

Know How to Use Donut Glaze to Increase Consumer Interest

Donut glaze can make this one snack look more attractive. Check out how to use donut glaze and other donut decorating tips here.
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Glaze is a sugar coating that is often used as a topping to decorate donuts. Glaze usually has a glossy appearance with a gooey texture and will harden when it cools. The use of glaze on donuts will add a more delicious and delicious taste, and make it look more beautiful. However, do you know how to use donut glaze to attract consumer interest?

Through this article, you will learn how to use a unique and interesting donut glaze , so as to increase customer interest. Not only that, you will also get additional information regarding donut decorating tips using delicious and delicious chocolate creations. Therefore, see the explanation below until it's finished.

4 Ways to Use Donut Glaze

How to use donut glaze to attract customers is actually quite easy. You only need to create donut glaze with other ingredients so that it looks unique and has a delicious taste. The following are some donut glaze creations that you can try.

1. Matcha Glaze

You can try mixing glaze with matcha powder to create unique and interesting donut creations. The distinctive aroma of green tea from matcha can arouse consumers' appetite to eat it immediately. However, the amount of matcha in the glaze dough needs to be considered. If you use too much matcha, it will make the glaze bitter.

2. Tarot Glaze

Furthermore, you can use taro to make a unique glaze . The purple color produced from taro can give a more attractive impression on the donuts you make. In addition, taro can also add a sweet taste with a delicious nutty taste. Plus, taro contains nutrients that are good for health. So, try creating a glaze with this taro ingredient.

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3. Cheese glaze

Cheese or cheese is much loved by everyone, so making cheese glaze can certainly attract more customers. The combination of the taste of salty cheese with sweet glaze will create a new, unique taste . To make a cheese glaze, you can sprinkle grated cheese over donuts that have already been dipped in glaze, or add cream cheese to donut glaze that has hardened.

4. Oreo Glaze

Who doesn't know this one biscuit. Oreo is one of the popular biscuits that many people like. You can use Oreos to mix ingredients in making glaze donuts. The trick, crush the Oreo cookies into small crumbs, then sprinkle it over the donuts that have been coated with glaze. Try to sprinkle it when the glaze hasn't set, so the oreos can stick to the donuts.

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4 Tips for Decorating Donuts with Glaze

using glazes

Using glaze is not difficult. However, there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to so that the donut decorations look perfectly beautiful and don't crack. The following are some important tips for using glaze as a donut topping .

1. Avoid Using Glaze on Hot Donuts

When you're in a hurry to decorate your chocolate, you might think about dipping your freshly made donuts directly into the glaze to save time. However, this cannot be done! Hot donuts should not be dipped in glaze. Glaze exposed to hot temperatures will melt and cannot harden. As a result, the appearance of donuts will be messy.

For beautiful results, make sure the donuts have cooled before being coated with glaze . Just let the donuts sit for 10-20 minutes after they are cooked so that they become room temperature.

2. Sprinkle the Toppings While the Glaze is Still Liquid

If you want to add other toppings , sprinkle them immediately while the glaze is still liquid. If the glaze that coats the donuts hardens, it will be difficult for the toppings to stick.

3. Let the Glaze Harden Perfectly

Before serving or wrapping donuts, make sure the glaze used is perfect. If not, the appearance of the glaze may be damaged or cracked.

4. Avoid Putting Donuts with Glaze in the Refrigerator

Waiting for the glaze to set can take some time. But that doesn't mean you can put donuts with glaze in the fridge! Besides destroying the soft texture of the donuts, the glaze will also be damaged. Even though it hardens, the glaze will appear dull or even be covered in white patches.

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6 Chocolate Creations for Decorating Donuts

Apart from using glaze, donuts can also be created using delicious and delicious chocolate. Some of the following chocolate choices might be a reference for you in making chocolate donut creations.

1. Chocolate Ganache

Ganache is one of the donut creations that is in great demand by customers. Ganache texture is different from glaze. Ganache has a softer and smoother texture than glaze. To make ganache , you can use Black Tulip Compound Chocolate which has a premium taste with a strong chocolate aroma.

2. Chocolate Tiramisu

Tiramisu is widely used as a topping for contemporary donuts. The sweet taste with a little sprinkling of coffee grounds on top makes the Tiramisu donut a favorite of many people. You can make chocolate tiramisu topping using Tulip White Compound Chocolate . Tulip White Compound Chocolate has a natural milky taste which is perfect for making tiramisu toppings .

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3. Chocolate Chocochips

Chocochips can also be a decoration material for making chocolate donut creations. A sprinkling of chocochips on donuts can add a unique crunchy sensation to the consumer's tongue. You can try using Tulip Choco Chips to be used as a decoration for the donuts you make. Tulip Choco Chips provide an additional dense chocolate flavor with the right balance of sweet and bitter.

4. Chocolate Filling

Generally donuts have a hole in the middle. However, to make unique chocolate donut creations, you can make donuts without holes. Instead, you can fill the center of the donut with chocolate cream. Tulip Master Filling Chocolate Paste can be a suitable material choice for donut filling.

5. Tulip Hazel Delight Peanut Chocolate

Tulip Hazel Delight is a soft chocolate cream that has a delicious hazelnut flavor. This product can be used as a chocolate donut creation that can attract customers. The combination of the sweet taste of chocolate and the savory taste of hazelnuts will give you an incomparable pleasure when eaten.

6. Embassy Oceanic Blend Chocolate

Embassy Oceanic Blend is couverture chocolate in the form of a coin that has a premium taste with a tempting sensation of nuts and dried fruits. This chocolate is easy to melt, so it is very suitable when used as an ingredient for creating donuts. In addition, Embassy Oceanic Blend also contains natural vanilla extract which can give your donuts a distinctive aroma.

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After reading the explanation above, now you understand how to use donut glaze , right? Donuts are a type of food that is often used as a snack to be enjoyed with relatives and family when relaxing. To give a delicious taste, many donuts use chocolate as a topping on top.

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