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3 Uses of Chocolate Bars for Pastries

Want to know how to use chocolate bars for pastries? Let's look at the recommendations in this article. Do not miss!
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There are many uses for chocolate bars for pastries that you can try. Pastries are indeed one snack that is very suitable for various occasions, from parties to just when you just want to snack.

If you are still confused about what types of cookies can be made using chocolate bars, don't be confused anymore. Through this article, you will get some recommendations for pastries as well as how to melt the right chocolate bar. Let's see more below!

3 Uses of Chocolate Bars for Pastries

Chocolate is indeed one of the favorite flavors of many people. From children to the elderly, everyone loves the taste of chocolate. The following are some of the uses of chocolate bars for pastries that you can try.

1. Filling

Filling is a processed product from chocolate bars which is usually used as a filling for various bakery or pastry products such as pastries. Apart from being a filling, filling also functions to increase the volume and taste of the pastries that are made. The aroma and appearance given by the chocolate filling can also add to the selling value of the pastries.

Chocolate filling is actually almost the same as ganache or frosting , it's just that the filling doesn't use additional cream or other liquid ingredients in it. Usually, to add variety to the taste, some people will add other ingredients to the chocolate filling , such as nuts or fruit.

One example of a pastry that uses chocolate filling is the modern bakpia. In contrast to the traditional bakpia that is usually found in Yogyakarta with green bean filling, now there are several bakpia sellers that provide a choice of flavors with chocolate filling in it.


Who doesn't like chocolate topping ? Chocolate topping can add delicious flavor to a variety of foods, including cookies. The texture of the crunchy pastries will mix very deliciously in the mouth with the distinctive bitter and sweet taste of the chocolate topping .

There are tons of chocolate topping ideas you can use for cookies, such as choco chips , choco chunks , or even grated chocolate. You only need to add this chocolate topping on top of the cookies, as you would for chocolate cookies . It's easy, right?

3. Creams

Chocolate cream is one of the ingredients that is often used in making pastries, both for decoration and for making. Usually, cream for pastries is made from a mixture of milk, eggs, sugar and flour, as well as chocolate bars to make chocolate cream .

Apart from that, you can also make this chocolate cream as a frosting for the pastries you make. For example, you can add chocolate cream frosting on top of the cookies and shape it using a piping bag to make it look more aesthetic. That way, the taste of the cookies will be even better and the appearance will be more appetizing.

The Right Way to Melt Chocolate Bars

Bar chocolate must be melted properly when making cookies so that the results can have maximum flavor. Here are two ways to properly melt chocolate bars that you can follow.

1. Using the Au-Bain Marie Technique

The au-bain marie technique will require two containers, a large one and a small one. Here are the steps to properly melt chocolate bars using the au bain marie technique:

  • Cut the chocolate bar very small to make it melt faster.
  • Place the chocolate chunks in a large bowl.
  • Place a large bowl filled with chocolate chunks over a smaller bowl filled with hot, not boiling water.
  • While it's heating, stir the chocolate mixture in a large container so that the melting process can be faster.
  • Once the chocolate has melted, lift the chocolate bowl and wipe the bottom so water doesn't get into the chocolate mixture.

When you're done, the chocolate bar is now completely melted and can be used to make all kinds of pastries.

2. Using the Microwave

As well as using the au-bain marie technique , you can also melt chocolate bars properly using the microwave . The following are the steps to melt chocolate bars using the microwave correctly:

  • Cut the chocolate bar very small to make it melt faster.
  • Place the chocolate chunks in a microwave- safe container , such as a cereal bowl or stainless steel bowl . Make sure it's the right size to accommodate all of the chocolate pieces.
  • Heat the chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then, check and remove the chocolate mixture from the microwave .
  • After checking, stir the chocolate mixture.
  • Place the chocolate back into the microwave and let it brew for 30 seconds.
  • After that, check and remove the chocolate mixture from the microwave again . Then, stir the chocolate mixture again until it melts perfectly.

Make sure to follow the directions above perfectly so the chocolate bar can melt properly. Once melted, you can use the chocolate mixture in a variety of cookie recipes.

To get a tutorial on how to melt chocolate bars visually, you can visit the following video: 5 Good and Correct Ways to Melt Chocolate A la Bain-marie & Microwave

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