5 Topping Brownies Kekinian Agar Lebih Menarik

5 Contemporary Brownies Toppings To Make It More Attractive

It turns out that there are lots of contemporary brownie toppings , you know. This very delicious chocolate cake has many unique variants. Read more!
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It turns out that there are lots of contemporary brownie toppings , you know. This very delicious chocolate cake usually only has very traditional toppings such as chocolate sprinkles or nuts (usually almonds). However, along with the times, there are already a lot of other ingredients that are currently used as a topping for brownies .

Through this article, you will learn what are the modern brownie toppings that you must try. But before that, let's see an explanation of what brownies are first below!

What Are Brownies?

Brownies are chocolate cakes that can be made with various textures, ranging from soft, chewy , or even melt when eaten. There are various variations of brownies , both traditional and modern, which can be distinguished by their texture, taste and density.

Traditionally, brownies are served without any toppings at all; pure chocolate cake with a soft and chewy texture . However, over time, many contemporary brownies began to appear with various kinds of toppings , ranging from nuts, chocolate sprinkles, cheese, frosting , melted chocolate, to ice cream.

Traditional brownies are usually eaten by hand, accompanied by fresh milk, and can be sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. However, there are several types of brownies that are usually eaten with a fork or spoon because of their melted texture on the inside, as well as some toppings that cannot be eaten with your hands.

Brownies first appeared in Chicago, United States at the end of the 19th century and started to become popular in the early 20th century. In North American countries, people usually make their own brownies to serve to guests who visit their homes. In addition, brownies are also widely served as a menu in cafes, coffee shops and restaurants in almost all over the world.

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Can Brownies Last Long?

Brownies will keep for about three to four days in an airtight container at room temperature and up to a week if stored in the fridge. Brownies can last up to three months in the freezer , but if they are frozen for a long time, they will start to lose their taste and quality.

If you do make too many brownies , storing them in the refrigerator is the right choice. In addition, there are several types of brownies , especially those with a melted texture, which must be stored in the refrigerator immediately to maintain their texture.

Some modern brownies with toppings that use ingredients such as frosting or fillings made from dairy must also be stored in the fridge immediately. Even so, brownies with these toppings can only last for three to four days even if they are stored in the refrigerator.

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5 Interesting Contemporary Brownies Toppings

In order to make the brownies look more attractive, and make them taste even better, you can add some of the contemporary toppings below:

1. Nuts and Caramel

Nuts and Caramel

Nuts and caramel are an interesting contemporary topping for brownies and are suitable for those who like a sweet and slightly savory taste. The combination of crunchy nuts with delicious caramel and special sweetness can give a unique and delicious taste sensation. This topping can be found in several types of contemporary brownies and is suitable for use on brownies with a soft texture.

2. Frosting

Frosting is a brownie topping that is a popular choice for many people. Frosting is usually made from ingredients such as powdered sugar, butter, and milk, which can give it a soft, creamy texture . There are many different flavors of frosting , such as chocolate, vanilla, or even fruit, which makes this topping very appealing to many people.

Frosting is perfect for use as a topping for brownies with a soft texture and melts easily. The combination of the chocolate flavor of the brownies and the creamy texture of the frosting can give a refreshing taste sensation and make your mouth unable to stop eating it. Frosting can also be used to add a nice finishing touch and make brownies look more attractive.

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3. Ice Cream

Ice cream

Who doesn't like ice cream? This contemporary brownie topping can give a sensation that has never been felt before when eating brownies . The taste of this creamy , sweet and cold ice cream can make your experience of eating brownies completely different.

Ice cream can be placed on top of the brownies while they are still warm and can give a pleasant melt in the mouth effect. There are various flavors of ice cream that can be used as a topping for brownies , such as vanilla, chocolate, stracciatella , to more exotic flavors such as matcha or fruit.

4. Cheese

Cheese is a popular choice for today's brownie toppings because there are many people who like the combination of the sweet taste of the brownies and the saltiness of the cheese. You can add sliced ​​or melted cheese on top of the brownies before serving as a main topping, or simply as a garnish. Cheeses that can be used as toppings include cheddar cheese, mozzarella, or even cream cheese.

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5. Chocolate Syrup: Tulip Sciroppi

Ice cream

Chocolate syrup, such as Tulip Sciroppi , can be a really fun choice for topping or filling on brownies. Tulip Sciroppi can give a sensation of a velvety texture in every bite, thus making the brownies even more appetizing. Tulip Sciroppi that flow from the middle of the brownies when bitten can also make the taste and texture of the brownies more delicious.

Apart from the list of current brownie toppings above, there are still lots of other ingredients that can be used. Let's create your brownies with a variety of other contemporary toppings . Just make sure to use chocolate products from KioskCokelat as the basic ingredients for making them!