Jenis-Jenis Coklat Praline Berdasarkan Negara Asalnya

Types of Praline Chocolate Based on Country of Origin

Did you know that there are many types of praline chocolate that vary by country of origin? Come on, see more with KioskCokelat here!
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Did you know that there are many types of praline chocolate that vary by country of origin? The praline chocolate that we may know is a chocolate snack that has various kinds of fillings. In fact, this chocolate praline is only one type of praline in the world.

Through this article, you will learn about the types of praline chocolate that exist around the world based on their country of origin. But before that, you need to know what exactly is praline chocolate . Let's see the full explanation below!

What Is Chocolate Praline?

Chocolate praline is a type of sweet chocolate snack consisting of chocolate ( shell ) and filling ingredients such as melted chocolate, nuts and fresh fruit. Praline itself is a term that can refer to two different types of snacks, namely French pralines and Belgian pralines . French pralines are a peanut snack or candy covered with caramel, while a Belgian praline is a chocolate snack or candy that has a filling, or what we call chocolate praline .

In terms of the origin of the word, the term " praline " actually comes from Belgium. However, the praline snack commonly consumed by Belgian people is also found in France with a different name, namely crotte de chocolat . The shape, texture, and ingredients are the same, namely a round chocolate candy with filling inside.

All over the world, chocolate praline or Belgian praline itself is also known as chocolate bon bon . If made in Belgium, this chocolate bon bon will usually be made of quality Belgian chocolate with a low melting point which will then be filled with a soft center.

Although generally found in a round shape, there are actually many other types and forms of praline chocolate . However, almost all of them are made of a chocolate shell filled with a soft center. The fillings for praline chocolate can vary greatly, from melted chocolate, nuts, fruit, salted caramel, coffee, to mixed alcoholic drinks.

Apart from France and Belgium, praline itself is indeed a type of food that is well known in various European countries and is often sold as a snack in cafes or other eating places. In England, the Netherlands, and Germany, the term " praline " usually refers to the chocolate paste or nut powder used as a filling for Belgian pralines, crotte de chocolat , or chocolate bon bon .

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Types of Praline Based on Country of Origin

Praline Based on Country of Origin

Praline chocolate itself only comes from Belgium. So far, no other country has a similar chocolate confection that is not a variant of the Belgian praline . Even so, the term praline itself can refer to three different types of snacks from three different countries.

1. French pralines

French pralines are a snack or sweet made with almonds and a layer of caramel. The process of making it is very easy, you only need to coat the almonds with caramel. Despite the simple manufacturing process, this French praline tastes very good and was once the exclusive food of French royalty.

2. Belgian pralines

Belgian pralines , also known as chocolate bon bon , are a chocolate treat or candy that are usually round in shape and have a soft filling. Generally, Belgian pralines have a liquid chocolate filling that is soft when eaten, but actually the fillings that can be used are unlimited, ranging from peanut powder, bean paste, caramel, coffee, alcoholic beverages, and many other variations.

3. United States pralines

American pralines , also known as pecans , are a type of snack or confection consisting of pecans and a layer of caramel. The shape and basic ingredients for making it are more similar to French pralines than Belgian pralines because they only consist of nuts and caramel. Basically, pecan itself is a variation of French pralines , where the basic ingredients are changed.

Pralines first arrived in the United States in New Orleans in 1727 via the French who moved to the United States. Ursine nuns take and teach young women to make pralines as part of their training. However, because almonds were so scarce in New Orleans, they decided to substitute them with local pecans. By using pecan nuts, pralines became popular and spread throughout the United States and are better known as pecans .

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Types of Belgian Chocolate Pralines

Types of Belgian Chocolate Pralines

Apart from having various shapes, praline chocolate from Belgium also has different types based on how it is made, including:

1. Molded Pralines

As the name suggests, molded praline is chocolate praline whose shell is made by molding. Molded pralines are made by pouring the filling of your choice into a praline mold that has been coated with melted chocolate (as the shell). This type of praline looks very attractive, especially with a well-made chocolate shell. You can also be creative by using cocoa butter coloring to the pralines you make.

2. Piped Pralines

Piped pralines are made using a piping bag or syringe. This type of praline will usually be wrapped in a package that is divided by several partitions. The way to make it is quite simple, you only need to press the part of the piping bag that has been filled with chocolate ganache and shape it, then put the topping on top. You can bake it with the toppings first, or piping it directly into the package.

3.Cut Pralines

Cut pralines are made by pouring chocolate ganache into a tin, then adding toppings or filling, and cutting it into small pieces. Usually, professional bakers use a guitar cutter or a pastry guitar to cut the praline chocolate dough to get even pieces.

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