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5 Uses of White Chocolate You Must Know

5 Kegunaan Coklat Putih yang Wajib Diketahui

Dark chocolate and milk chocolate are often used to make various dish creations. However, have you ever found a dish that uses white chocolate? There are many uses for white chocolate in the culinary world that culinary entrepreneurs rarely realize.

Try to maximize the use of white chocolate so that your business menu is more varied. How to? Check out this article to learn more about white chocolate and its uses.

Get to Know White Chocolate

White chocolate ( white chocolate ) has a pale ivory white appearance. The white chocolate processing process usually requires ingredients such as cocoa butter, milk, sugar, and vanilla and is solidified at 25°C. Just like milk chocolate and dark chocolate, white chocolate products are available in two types, namely compound chocolate and couverture chocolate .

White chocolate isn't actually chocolate, it's only considered a confectionery or candy. Why? White chocolate does not contain cocoa mass (cocoa solids) like dark chocolate or milk chocolate, it only contains cocoa butter (cocoa butter) .

You can process white chocolate into a variety of dishes with a variety of looks and shapes. White chocolate can be added to with coloring or melted down to make a lovely decoration for your creations.

The Difference between White Chocolate and Regular Chocolate

At a glance it is explained that white chocolate does not have the same cocoa content as milk chocolate or dark chocolate. While the two chocolates contain cocoa mass and cocoa butter, white chocolate contains neither.

The main content in white chocolate is just cocoa butter and milk, sometimes lecithin is added as an emulsifier for chocolate products. Cocoa mass and cocoa butter are one type of chocolate liquor which is included in one of the processed cocoa nibs derivatives .

Cocoa mass adds flavor to chocolate products making them more delicious, while cocoa butter makes chocolate products feel more melted when eaten. Cocoa butter doesn't actually taste very good, so white chocolate needs flavorings like sugar and vanilla. No wonder this product has a much sweeter taste than the other two types of chocolate.

In appearance, the color of white chocolate is indeed lighter than regular chocolate. The reason is that the milk content in this product predominates, which affects the color of the chocolate. The texture of white chocolate is lighter and creamier , making it easier to work with.

5 Uses of White Chocolate in the Culinary World

The use of white chocolate as a food ingredient is actually almost the same as regular chocolate. Take a look at the list below if you're looking for inspiration to work with white chocolate.

1. Dish Basic Ingredients

Lots of menus that can be made from white chocolate, both cakes , desserts , and other snacks . For example, white chocolate truffles , white chocolate mousse, or white chocolate cheesecake cups . Interestingly, you can add any fruit to enhance the taste of the dish to make it sweeter and more delicious to eat.

2. Decoration

Bored with the appearance of an all-chocolate tart? Try decorating your cake using Tulip Decor White Compound Chocolate . This chocolate product is commonly used as a topping for pastries. Another example of decoration could be buttercream, or frosting. Also add a variety of other toppings so that your dish looks more colorful.

3. Stuffing (Filling)

Nothing can replace chocolate as the most delicious filling for any dish, including white chocolate. You can use white chocolate as a melted filling for cakes, pastries , and even truffles .

4. Coatings

White chocolate can be used to coat dishes such as doughnuts, tarts and cake pops . If you are making tarts, just use Embassy Zen White Chocolate which has been processed into buttercream as a coating so that it looks more aesthetically pleasing when cut.

5. Beverage Ingredients

White chocolate can also be used to make a drink. You can make warm or cold white chocolate drinks inspired by famous coffee shops in Indonesia. Also customize the dishes so you can present authentic drinks, for example adding cinnamon or cocoa powder.

4 Tips for Using White Chocolate in Your Creations

There are so many creations that can be made from white chocolate, right? The process of processing white chocolate is not too complicated so you have more freedom to use this ingredient. However, it's a good idea to apply some of the tips below to be more creative in processing white chocolate.

1. Add Coloring or Flavoring

It feels empty if the decoration of your dish is only dominated by white chocolate, doesn't it? You can also add other ingredients such as snacks, nuts or fruit instead of coloring agents to make the dish look more delicious, beautiful and colorful at the same time. This idea is simple, but can increase the value of your dish.

2. Create Creative Decorations

White chocolate will make your dish look more creative and beautiful. One of them, you can produce a marble pattern when combined with dark chocolate. You can also use this chocolate as dripping for cake pops or pastries. There are lots of inspirations for decorating white chocolate dishes that can be found on the internet and you can definitely try them.

3. Mix with Cream and Milk

The combination of white chocolate, cream and milk will produce a delicious and creamy ganache . You can use cream, milk, or a mixture of the two ingredients. How to?

First cut the Tulip White Compound Chocolate into small pieces , then place it in a bowl. In a separate bowl, heat the milk or cream and pour it into the bowl with the chocolate when it starts to boil. Cover the bowl and let it sit, then stir until it thickens.

There are so many ways you can do to apply white chocolate as a dish. Don't hesitate to process this ingredient into the five uses of white chocolate mentioned above. Most importantly, use chocolate ingredients from Tulip Chocolate and Embassy to present delicious and classy dishes. Contact KioskCokelat to get the best white chocolate products and start creating delicious dishes that can excite your customers' tastes.