Apa Itu Teknik Au Bain-Marie Dalam Pengolahan Cokelat?

What is the Au Bain-Marie Technique in Chocolate Processing?

The au bain-marie technique is one of the most frequently used chocolate processing techniques. What is the au bain-marie technique ? Have you heard the name of this chocolate processing technique?
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If you often bake cakes or work with chocolate, you've probably heard of the au bain marie technique. The au bain marie technique is one of the most frequently used chocolate processing techniques in the world of baking . What is the au bain-marie technique? Have you heard the name of this chocolate processing technique?

Through this article, you will understand the meaning of the au bain-marie technique. Plus, of course, you'll learn how to apply the au bain-marie technique to chocolate. This technique can help you produce the best chocolate dishes that can increase customer satisfaction.

Get to know the Au Bain-Marie Technique

melted chocolate au bain marie

Before trying to use this bain marie technique in making chocolate and baking cakes, let's get to know them first.

Au bain-marie is a French term meaning boiling-water bath . This au bain-marie technique is also better known as the double boiler technique where you melt chocolate over boiling water.

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Use of the Au Bain Marie Technique in Chocolate Processing

Baking using the au bain-marie technique is highly recommended as it ensures perfect cooking results. Not only that, the water vapor produced from this cooking technique also gives the cake a soft and super soft texture. Usually, this one technique is used when baking various types of cakes that must be super moist , such as Japanese Cheesecake .

The use of the au bain marie technique is highly recommended for melting chocolate. Why? Since the chocolate isn't directly exposed to the heat from the stove flame, this technique allows you to melt the chocolate completely without risking it burning.

So, on this occasion, KioskCokelat will focus on using the au bain-marie technique to melt and process chocolate.

To melt chocolate , you can use two ways, namely by using a microwave and also au bain-marie . These two methods are most often used to melt chocolate. For those of you who don't have a microwave, you can immediately use the au bain-marie technique which is also easy to do.

How to make chocolate using the Au Bain-Marie technique?

processing chocolate

In the following, there are 4 steps you need to go through to process chocolate using the au bain-marie technique .

1. Cutting Chocolate

The first step in preparing chocolate using the au bain-marie technique is to chop the chocolate first. Many people often make the mistake at this stage of adding large chunks of chocolate just like that without cutting it further. As a result, it will be difficult for the chocolate to melt completely and even lumps will remain.

You can cut the chocolate into small dice. If you have higher cooking skills , please try chopping the chocolate to make it melt more easily.

2. Prepare Equipment

Once the chocolate is chopped, place it in a large bowl. Then, also prepare a pot to boil water. Make sure the bowl of chocolate is larger than the saucepan.

Using a bowl that is smaller than the size of the pan will run the risk of water getting into the chocolate mixture. If the chocolate mixture gets even a little bit of water, then the quality of your chocolate will decrease. Therefore, use a large bowl to prevent water from getting into the chocolate bowl.

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3. The Process of Melting Chocolate

In the process of melting chocolate, you can use medium heat to bring the water to a boil. Don't use too high a heat because when the water boils, the bubbles can shoot up and get into the chocolate bowl.

Also keep in mind that so you don't leave any lumps of chocolate, you'll need to stir the chocolate periodically to speed up the melting process. This part is often forgotten by most people so that the chocolate they process doesn't melt perfectly.

4. Cooling the Chocolate

The last step that needs to be done is the process of cooling the chocolate. You simply place the melted chocolate at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you can use the chocolate in any dish.

Use of the Au Bain Marie Technique in Baking

Besides being used to melt chocolate, the au bain marie method is a baking technique that can produce cakes with a lighter , airy , and softer texture. Usually, this technique is used in making foods with a soft texture, such as Japanese Cheesecake .

However, not all dessert or cake textures with this method must be soft like a pillow, it all depends on the type of dough. Japanese Cheesecake that uses dry ingredients and stiff egg white whisk will certainly taste soft and tender. However, creme brulee which is made from egg yolks, sugar and heavy cream will actually be creamier .

To bake au bain-marie , you will need to pre-bake the dough pan by placing it in a larger pan or pan filled with hot water. The function of hot water here is to maintain the moisture level of the dough so it doesn't dry out or harden during baking.

So, now you understand the au bain-marie technique , right? This technique is also very easy to do and you are also familiar with all the stages. It's just that, there are some parts that you need to pay attention to to get good melted chocolate.

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