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Various Kinds of Chocolate Cookies for the Food Business

Aneka Macam Kue Kering Cokelat untuk Bisnis Makanan

Assorted chocolate cookies are the perfect choice for opening a food business. Pastries have a crunchy and delicious texture, so they are loved by many people, especially when you are with your family. In Indonesia itself, it's not okay to gather with family or entertain guests but don't serve pastries.

Through this article, you will get some recommendations for various types of chocolate cookies that are suitable for business. But before that, you need to know the durability of pastries first. Let's see the full explanation below!

Can Pastries Last Long?

Pastries can last a long time depending on how you store them. Temperature and humidity are the two main factors that can affect the shelf life of pastries. If stored properly, cookies can usually last up to about 2-3 weeks. However, factors such as the type of cake, raw materials and storage methods can also affect the shelf life of pastries.

To ensure pastries last a long time, it's important to store them in an airtight container and place them in a cool, dry place. In addition, avoid storing it in a place that is too damp because it can make the cake soft and not dry anymore.

Don't store pastries with other products that can create odors and affect the taste of the cookies. Besides being able to make the aroma and taste depend, the texture of pastries also tends to become softer when mixed with other foods. By following these tips, your pastries will last a long time and will still be delicious when you want to consume them.

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4 Various Kinds of Chocolate Cookies Suitable for Business

Pastries are indeed one of the most promising food business opportunities. When the holiday arrives, Indonesians always buy various kinds of pastries to serve to guests who visit their house. The following are some of the various types of chocolate cookies that are suitable for business.

1. Choco Cashew Cookies

Choco Mede Cookies

Tired of just being dry? Come on, try Choco Mede Cookies like the picture above. This chocolate cookie is indeed made of chocolate in almost all parts, but added with cashew nuts in the middle. The combination of cashew nuts and chocolate cookies is guaranteed to make you hard to stop chewing.

2. Choco Chips Cookies

Choco Chips Cookies

Who doesn't know this classic pastries? Choco Chips Cookies are one of the cookies that people like the most because it tastes really delicious. In addition, these chocolate cookies are also very suitable served with various hot drinks , such as hot chocolate, coffee, and even tea.

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3. Chestnut Chocolate

Chocolate Chestnut

Bored with kastangel that only tastes like cheese? Let's try adding chocolate to the recipe. How to make chocolate kastangel is quite easy, you only need to make kastangel with the usual recipe and then dip one end into the chocolate ganache and let the chocolate layer dry.

4. Chocolate Stick

Chocolate Stick

For those of you who are tired of pastries that taste a bit salty, let's just try this chocolate stick. This cookie has a very interesting mix of flavors because the distinctive sweet taste of chocolate will combine with the crunchy texture of cookies in general. Guests visiting the house will surely love these pastries!

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Tips for Starting a Pastry Business

Do you already know what kinds of chocolate cookies you want to sell? Come on, just look at the tips for starting a pastry business below!

1. Prepare a Business Plan

Before starting any business, you must make a business plan first. A business plan serves to help you define business strategy and goals, as well as a guideline for running the business as a whole. Several things to consider in making a business plan include market analysis, identification of target markets, and financial planning.

2. Determine the Pastries to be Sold

To differentiate your pastry business from competitors, make sure to sell cookies that are unique or at least have qualities that can set them apart from competitors. For example, you can add a personal touch to a cookie design or choose a different ingredient. In addition, look for cake products that have not been offered by many competitors so that the opportunity to compete is greater.

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3. Do Effective Marketing and Promotion

Effective marketing and promotion is very important in the pastry business, especially those who want to move in the digital world. Try starting by creating a social media account and sharing product photos first. Don't forget to attend local events to promote the products being sold so you can offer them directly to customers. Also use marketing strategies such as giving discounts on the first product or offering free products to loyal customers.

4. Pay attention to Equipment and Place of Business

Determine the appropriate place of business and buy the necessary equipment and supplies such as ovens , mixers and other cooking equipment. If you decide to sell pastries online , determine which platform is best suited for your business and where customers will congregate, be it social media or marketplaces .

5. Improve Quality and Service

Continuing to strive to improve the quality of products and services is something that must always be pursued by every businessman. Be sure to record all customer feedback and use it to improve what is still lacking. In addition, make sure to always try to provide the best products and services to retain customers and attract new ones.

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You already know the tips for running a pastry business, right? Come on, just start and use chocolate products from KioskCokelat as raw materials for making cakes. We provide a wide range of chocolate products that can help your pastry business, be it compound chocolate or couverture chocolate . In addition, you can get discounted prices by ordering in large quantities, you know. For more information, visit us here !