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How To Decorate Black Forest With Chocolate Bars?

black forest cake slice

Are you looking for ways to decorate a black forest with chocolate bars? Black forest is indeed a cake that is thick with the use of chocolate, both as a manufacturing material and as a topping and decoration. Black forest cake is often used as a birthday cake because it looks very beautiful and charming.

Through this article, you will learn about how to decorate a black forest with chocolate bars. But before that, you have to learn what black forest cake is in more depth first. Let's see the full explanation below!

Get to know Black Forest Cake

black forest cake

Black forest gâteau or black forest cake is a chocolate sponge cake with a rich cherry filling. This cake is inspired by the German dessert Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, which literally means " Black Forest Cherry-torte ". Traditionally, black forest cake consists of several layers of chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with whipped cream and cherries, and garnished with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries and chocolate shavings.

In some European traditions, sour cherries are used both between the layers of a black forest cake and for decoration on top. Traditionally, kirschwasser , which is a clear alcoholic drink made from sour cherries, is usually added to black forest cakes . German law itself has mandated that a dessert with the name Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte must have kirschwasser in it.

Other clear alcoholic drinks can also be used sometimes, such as rum, which is commonly used in black forest cake recipes in Austria. In addition, kirschwasser can also be replaced with other non-alcoholic drinks, such as cherry juice or other fruit juices. This is because not everyone can consume alcohol, be it for health reasons or for religious reasons.

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How to Decorate the Black Forest with Chocolate Bars

decorate black forest

Black forest cake is indeed very thick with the use of chocolate. Here are some ways to decorate a black forest with chocolate bars that you can do.

1. Coating Chocolate

Before decorating a cake, you must first coat it with coating . Black forest cake will usually use a coating made from chocolate, such as using ganache . Well, you can easily make ganache using chocolate bars; simply melt the chopped chocolate bar with hot cream. For more complete steps, you can visit the following video: How to Make the Perfect Chocolate Ganache .

2. Chocolate Shavings

Black forest cake will usually use shaved chocolate bars as decorations as well as toppings . You can place chocolate shavings on the top of the black forest cake after it has been successfully coated . Apart from that, you can also add whipped cream and cherries or other berries on top.

3. Chocolate Chips

Apart from shaved chocolate, black forest cakes also often use chocolate chips as decoration. You can make chocolate chips by melting a chocolate bar and then shaping it into the pieces you want.

4. Melted Chocolate

To add to the taste of the black forest cake , you can water it with melted chocolate bars . Besides being able to give a more attractive appearance, melted chocolate can also give a richer and more intense chocolate taste. That way, the black forest cake that you make will have a more delicious taste. If you need visual instructions on how to melt chocolate properly, check out this video: 5 Good and Proper Ways to Melt Bain-marie & Microwave Chocolate .

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3 Tools for Cutting Chocolate for Cake Decoration

The results of the shavings from the chocolate bar stored on top of the black forest cake will usually be shaped in various ways to produce a more unique appearance. The following are some tools that can be used to cut chocolate bars.

1. Sharp Knife

You can cut the chocolate bar using a sharp knife. Be sure to use a sharp, heavy knife with a straight blade, at least 20 to 25 cm (20 to 25 cm). You can cut the chocolate the normal way, but apply more force to the knife as chocolate bars are usually thick.

2. Serrated Blade

Similar to a regular knife, the difference is that a serrated blade can help you cut chocolate more easily. Just make sure to choose a knife that is sharp, heavy, and has a straight blade that is 20 to 25 cm. With a serrated knife, you can chop chocolate much more easily.

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2 Black Forest Cake Decorating Inspirations

Still confused about how to decorate a black forest cake ? Let's look at some of the decoration inspiration below!

1. Shaved Chocolate and Cherries

The simplest decoration of black forest cake is with shaved chocolate and cherries on top. You only need to sprinkle shaved chocolate on top of the black forest cake that has been coated with coating , frosting or icing . Then, to increase the color contrast to make it look prettier, you can save some cherries on the top edge.

2. Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream and Fruit

If you are bored with the usual black forest cake look , try decorating it like the picture above. You can use whipped cream and chocolate chips instead of chocolate shavings, then drizzle with chocolate sauce and top with fruit.

Has the method of decorating the black forest with the chocolate bars above helped? If you want to make black forest cake , let's use chocolate products from KioskCokelat. We provide a wide range of quality chocolate products, from chocolate bars, cocoa powder, to chocolate decorations. For more information about our products, visit us here !