5 Rekomendasi Isian Cokelat Praline

5 Recommended Chocolate Praline Fillings

Are you curious about the contents of praline chocolate ? There are lots of ingredients that can be used as praline chocolate filling. Check the recommendations here.

Are you curious about the praline chocolate filling ? This processed chocolate is indeed very flexible and has a lot of ingredients that can be used as fillings. Praline chocolate itself has a very distinctive taste because the combination of chocolate and the filling can vary.

In this article, you will learn what ingredients can be used as praline chocolate filling . But before that, you need to know what is chocolate praline in depth first. Let's see the full explanation below!

What Is Praline Chocolate ?

Praline chocolate is one of the processed chocolate made from a mixture of chocolate and nuts. There are always many types and forms of praliné chocolate, but to be called praliné, you have to use nuts in it.

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Types of Chocolate Pralines

Chocolate praline type

There are three types of chocolate pralines that are known today, namely molded praline , piped praline and cut praline . The following is a complete explanation.

1. Molded Pralines

As the name suggests, molded praline is chocolate praline whose shell is made by molding. Molded pralines are made by pouring the filling of your choice into a praline mold that has been coated with melted chocolate (as the shell). This type of praline looks very attractive, especially with a well-made chocolate shell. You can also be creative by using cocoa butter coloring to the pralines you make.

2. Piped Pralines

Piped pralines are made using a piping bag or syringe. This type of praline will usually be wrapped in a package that is divided by several partitions. The way to make it is quite simple, you only need to press the part of the piping bag that has been filled with chocolate ganache and shape it, then put the topping on top. You can bake it with the toppings first, or piping it directly into the package.

3.Cut Pralines

Cut pralines are made by pouring chocolate ganache into a tin, then adding toppings or filling, and cutting it into small pieces. Usually, professional bakers use a guitar cutter or a pastry guitar to cut the praline chocolate dough to get even pieces.

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5 Recommended Chocolate Praline Fillings

Praline filling recommendations

Are you interested in making chocolate pralines and including them in the menu? Let's take a look at some recommendations for praline chocolate filling that you can use below!

1. Chocolate Ganache

Going back to basics is never wrong. Praline chocolate with softer chocolate ganache filling is a classic flavor combination that can spoil your tongue. Just imagine you are biting into a piece of chocolate with a rather hard texture, then suddenly the melted soft chocolate immediately fills your mouth. It's guaranteed to be addictive, deh!

To make chocolate ganache filling, you can mix cream with various chocolate products available at KioskCokelat. If you want an intense chocolate taste, use Tulip Dark Chocolate Compound ; if you want a creamy chocolate taste , use Tulip Milk Chocolate Compound ; if you want something even sweeter, use Tulip White Compound .

2. Peanut Butter

Who doesn't like the combination of flavors between chocolate and nuts? Peanut butter is indeed one of the most common praline chocolate fillings. After all, another sweet called praline is also made from peanuts covered in caramel. If you want to make praline chocolate with peanut filling, you can useTulip Hazel Delight which has a very soft texture.

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3. Fruits

If you like fruits and chocolate, let's just try making chocolate pralines with fruit filling. There are lots of fruits that are suitable for filling in chocolate pralines , from strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, bananas, and many more. If you don't really like fruit but still want a fruity taste, try using melted Tulip Strawberry Flavored Compound as a filling.

4. Matcha Ganache

In recent years, the popularity of matcha has been increasing. It's not surprising, considering that matcha does have a very distinctive and delicious taste. Matcha itself is a powdered green tea product, but you can make it a thick liquid by brewing matcha with water, then adding white chocolate, such as Embassy Zen or Tulip White Compound .

5. Caramel

You can use caramel as a filling for praline chocolate . The taste of sweet and slightly smokey caramel will give a very different sensation when it enters the mouth than praline chocolate with other fillings. In addition, the hardened texture of caramel also makes it give a different texture when bitten.

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If you are interested in making praline chocolate , just use chocolate products from KioskCokelat, both for making the shell and as a praline chocolate filling . For more information, visit us here !