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Get acquainted with the types of delicious pralines

Berkenalan dengan Jenis-Jenis Praline yang Lezat

You're looking for sales ideas in the form of snacks ready-to-eat chocolate? try praline , a dainty but no less beautiful and delicious chocolate dish. Lots of types pralines delicious and can be an attractive option for your customers.

The best key in making chocolate pralines what is delicious and liked by customers is the chocolate ingredient. However, you must first know the various types pralines which has many variants. Let's get to know more about one of the delicious mini chocolate creations through the discussion in this article.

What Are Pralines?

Pralines is a small candy-sized chocolate dish with a filling or filling inside it. Stuffing pralines usually in the form of nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, or pecans . However, there are also other options for filling These dishes can add to the taste, such as dried fruits, caramel, cream, jam, and so on.

Despite its small size, pralines has a beautiful and appetizing appearance. Not only that, pralines are also usually packaged in beautiful and exclusive packages. So, don't be surprised if praline chocolate is very often given as a gift on Valentine's Day or other romantic moments.

The beauty of this dish certainly cannot be separated from the creativity and skilled hands of the chef in cooking it. Chocolate making pralines even easier thanks to the help of a concave-shaped mold.

There are also several types pralines which are complex and require some specific techniques to make so you don't just need a mold. There are two types of distribution pralines, namely based on the country of origin and the technique of making it. See an explanation of the types pralines below this.

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Types of Praline Based on Country of Origin

types of pralines by country

Chocolate pralines originally came from France. As it developed, this dish became popular and comes in different versions in Belgium and the United States. What are the different dishes pralines from each of these countries?

1. French pralines

Pralines French origin originally in the form of snacks filled with mashed nuts covered with chocolate. Therefore, no wonder pralines original usually have filling in the form of nuts almonds or hazelnuts and caramelized sugar ground into powder. Texture pralines The French are louder than the United States version.

2. Belgian pralines

Unlike pralines French, pralines Belgian origin has a soft texture in the middle. The softness comes from the liquid form of the filling and contains a combination of ingredients in the form of nuts, sugar, syrup and other dairy ingredients. However, there are other types of fillings that melt in your mouth in this Belgian version, namely coffee, salted caramel, cherries, dried fruit, and even liquor .

3. American pralines

Pralines this version of Uncle Sam's country is made softer and creamy so it resembles chocolate fudge . Type pralines it usually has a composition of sugar, butter, cream, and nuts or syrup cooked at medium to high temperature. The most common type of bean used for pralines America is nuts pecans .

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Types of Praline Based on How to Make or Shape

types of pralines

Apart from the country of origin, pralines They are also distinguished by the manufacturing technique. You also need to know the types pralines in this category in order to generate the form pralines which varies. What are the variations pralines the?

1. Molded Pralines

First is molded pralines , types pralines the most famous and easy to make. The reason is, you only need a mold to form the shell pralines in various shapes or patterns.

In this type, you first need to fill the mold halfway with melted chocolate, then place it in the fridge. After hardening, then you enter filling and again fill the mold with chocolate until it is full.

2. Piped Pralines

You need combat tools in the form of piping bag to make type pralines This. Type pralines This is usually presented in a package that is divided into several compartments inside.

How to make it simple, just press the part piping bag which has been filled with melted chocolate into the package. Then, put it toppings on top as a flavor enhancer. You can also put the chocolate mixture on a baking sheet if you want to bake this dish at the same time the toppings .

3.Cut Pralines

The last one is cut pralines , types pralines which is made by cutting into parts the filling is visible. You could say that cut pralines almost like chocolate truffles because of this manufacturing technique. the difference, pralines requires peanuts as the main ingredient, meanwhile truffles can be made without nuts.

Type creation process pralines it starts with technique molded praline , namely printing melted chocolate and filling it with filling . After the dish is perfectly formed, then you cut this dish until the contents are exposed.

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The Best Types of Chocolate for Making Pralines

It is common knowledge that the best chocolate ingredients will definitely produce delicious dishes that customers will like. Likewise for praline , you need the right chocolate ingredients to make this dish.

Chocolate making pralines usually start from melting chocolate compounds with the Au-Bain Marie technique. The appearance of the melted chocolate must also be shiny and not dull so that it looks beautiful when displayed in the window later. Any kind of chocolate compounds KioskCokelat recommendations to make pralines is:

1. Couverture 34% Milk Chocolate Azalea Embassy

This product is perfect for those of you who want to produce dishes pralines with the taste of condensed milk. The texture creamy so that pralines will feel soft on the tongue when eaten.

2. Dark Chocolate 65% Oceanic Blend Embassy

This is not a product dark chocolate couverture normal. There is a flavor of nuts and dried fruits that make this product even more special. Not only the filling , the dish pralines You are even richer with the taste produced from this chocolate ingredient.

3. White Chocolate 33% Zen Embassy

Want a brown visual pralines which is more different? Use this material to produce pralines attractive white and not monotonous. This product has a balanced blend of milk and vanilla flavors, so it's perfect for making pralines with other flavors.

Are you more familiar with the types pralines after reading this article? Now is the time to start creating and producing dishes pralines delicious with the best chocolate ingredients. contact KioskCokelat immediately to get the three chocolate products above right now.