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Get to Know the Difference between Compound and Couverture Chocolate

Compound and couverture chocolate are two types of chocolate products that are often used for various cooking needs. What are the differences between the two?
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Compound and couverture chocolate are two types of chocolate products that are very often used for various cooking needs, ranging from as ingredients to making and for decoration. Even so, the two types of chocolate products have some very significant differences, starting from the ingredients to the price.

Through this article, you will learn more deeply about what is meant by compound and couverture chocolate . Apart from that, you will also be able to find out what are the differences between compound and couverture chocolate . Let's see the full explanation below!

Understanding Compound Chocolate and Couverture

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There are still lots of people who don't know that there are at least two types of chocolate that are commonly used for cooking, namely compound and couverture chocolate . Both are more or less sold in the same form and variant, but both have different contents and prices. The following is a complete explanation of each chocolate.

Definition of Compound Chocolate

Compound chocolate is a versatile type of chocolate that can be used for a variety of cooking needs, from decorations, toppings , to food-making ingredients. Usually, compound chocolate is made from a mixture of cocoa powder, vegetable fat, and sugar. Several variants of compound chocolate use other flavoring ingredients such as milk powder for milk chocolate compound or strawberries for strawberry chocolate compound .

Actually, the purpose of compound chocolate was created as an alternative product or imitation of couverture chocolate . In the past, couverture chocolate was very expensive and not everyone could buy it. Therefore, chocolate manufacturers began to make alternatives with lower prices, namely compound chocolate .

When looking for compound chocolate on the market, you will find a percentage number on the package. This is the percentage of cocoa content in it. The higher the percentage number, the more cocoa content in it, and the more pronounced the chocolate flavor will be. At least, there are three of the most common variants of compound chocolate , namely dark , milk and white . However, other variants such as strawberries have started circulating in the market now.

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Definition of Couverture Chocolate

Couverture chocolate is the original type of chocolate which has more cocoa content in it compared to compound chocolate . Under European Union regulations, for a chocolate to be classified as couverture , the cocoa solids content must not be less than 35 percent, and not less than 31 percent cocoa butter .

The content of cocoa butter in couverture chocolate makes it look more sparkling and the texture is softer, so it can melt in the mouth. Therefore, the price of couverture chocolate is relatively more expensive than compound chocolate . Thanks to its higher cocoa content, couverture chocolate can provide a decadent and delicious chocolate-consuming experience.

In the market, you can usually find two variants of couverture chocolate that are the same as compound chocolate , namely dark and milk . Generally, dark chocolate couverture will have a higher percentage of cocoa and can provide maximum chocolate flavor. On the other hand, milk chocolate couverture has a slightly lower cocoa content and has a sweeter taste.

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4 Differences between Compound and Couverture Chocolate

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From the explanation above, you must be able to understand that compound and couverture chocolate are two different types of chocolate. The following are some differences between compound and couverture chocolate that you need to know.

1. Content

As previously explained, compound chocolate is usually made from cocoa powder, vegetable fat, sugar, and several other additions according to the variant. Meanwhile, couverture chocolate is made from cocoa solids and cocoa butter ( chocolate liquor ), as well as sugar (for the dark variant ) and powdered milk (for the milk variant ).

Chocolate liquor itself is a smooth paste made from cocoa beans that have been dried and roasted in the sun and then ground until liquid. The chocolate liquor has the same cocoa solids and cocoa butter content. Then, the cocoa powder itself is obtained by grinding the cocoa solids to a powder.

It should also be noted that the white chocolate compound variant does not contain any cocoa in it. Usually, cocoa powder will be substituted for vanilla to achieve a white appearance. Because of this, some chocolate experts do not consider white chocolate compound to be chocolate.

2. Tempering

When you want to use couverture chocolate , you must do the tempering process first. Tempering itself is the process of heating and cooling the chocolate mixture so that it has the right texture and consistency. Meanwhile, you can melt compound chocolate straight away and use it for various cooking purposes.

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3. Aftertaste

After taste , or the taste left in the mouth after being consumed, from couverture chocolate will be very strong. In addition, when it enters the mouth, the texture of the very soft couverture chocolate tends to melt immediately. On the other hand, compound chocolate will not leave such an after taste . In fact, compound chocolate will taste oilier because of the vegetable fat content in it.


Although soft, couverture chocolate also has a "crispy" texture and will make a loud "snap" sound when broken. You won't be able to find this in compound chocolate . Usually, compound chocolate will have a more pliable and stickier texture, so it won't make a "snap" sound when broken.

Compound and Couverture Chocolate, Which Is Better for Your Creation?

Actually, it cannot be said which chocolate is better to use because it all depends on the type of cooking and its needs. For example, sometimes compound chocolate is much better used for decoration than couverture chocolate . However, couverture chocolate can add a stronger chocolate flavor to your dishes than compound chocolate .

So, you just adjust which chocolate is more suitable for use in the creation that is being made. If you need compound chocolate or couverture chocolate , just shop at KioskCokelat. Apart from these two types of chocolate, we also provide many other chocolate products. For more information, contact us right here !