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7 Ways to Decorate Cake with Chocolate

7 Cara Menghias Cake dengan Coklat

Decoration is one of the important components that you need to pay attention to when making a cake. The beautiful visual appearance of the cake will certainly attract more customer attention. To make beautiful and easy decorations, you just need to use chocolate. Then, how to decorate a cake with chocolate?

Chocolate can be used as the main ingredient for making cake decorations. Why do you have to use chocolate ? The reason is because chocolate is very easy to form into various types of decorations according to your tastes and needs.

If you are currently running a cake business, it's a good idea to learn the various forms of chocolate decorations. You can not only increase the visual beauty of the cakes you make, but the taste will certainly be more delicious. The use of this chocolate decoration can not only be used specifically for chocolate cakes, but any cake can use this decoration.

Interested in decorating your cake with chocolate? You can listen to the information that KioskCokelat will present through this article. There are so many inspirations for decorating cakes with chocolate that you can get here.

7 Ways to Decorate Cake with Chocolate

In the following, you will see 7 ways to decorate cakes with chocolate that are easy and interesting to try.

1. Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate can be used as ganache which is used to coat the outside of the cake. Usually, chocolate ganache is used as a top coating on donuts. However, ganache can also be used as a decoration by coating the entire outside of the cake.

After the cake is coated with chocolate ganache , you can add various other decorations such as fruit, peanut sprinkles, and meses. You can also add a ganache made from white chocolate to vary the color of the cake decorations.

2. Chocolate Coating

Besides ganache , cakes can also be coated with chocolate coating made from couverture chocolate . The difference is that the chocolate coating has a hard texture.

To make this chocolate coating , you can use couverture chocolate . Why should you use couverture chocolate for coating ? Couverture chocolate has a more chocolaty taste so it will enhance the taste of chocolate in every dish you make. If you need quality couverture chocolate to make chocolate coating , please see the product range from Embassy here .

3. Chocolate Butter Cream

Tarts or birthday cakes usually use butter cream which is put in a syringe in various shapes according to your choice. If you want to decorate a chocolate cake, then try using a mixture of butter cream and chocolate. Not only does it look attractive, the taste of the cake you make will be more delicious and creamy with chocolate butter cream decorations .

4. Grated Chocolate

You want to get an anti-complicated decoration method? Simply provide chocolate compound and grated cheese. You can grate some chocolate over the cake that is ready to be decorated. Grease the cake with chocolate filling first so that the grated chocolate doesn't scatter or fall apart when eaten.

5. Chocolate Rolls

The next cake decorating idea, you need to melt the chocolate first and pour the melted chocolate on a flat surface. Allow the chocolate to cool, then use a spatula to lift the chocolate while forming the rolls. The rolled chocolate can be used as a cake decoration by placing it on the top or side according to taste.

6. Triangle Chocolate

Using a method that is almost similar to making chocolate rolls, you can use an alternative method by making a triangular chocolate pattern. Chocolate that has been melted on a flat surface and cooled and then cut into triangles. This piece can be used as an aesthetic and unique cake decoration.

7. Sprinkled Chocolate

Apart from chocolate bars, you can also use cocoa powder to easily decorate cakes . Simply sprinkle cocoa powder all over the top surface of the cake that is ready to be served. Your cake will look simple, but still attractive and of course give a delicious taste.

3 Tips for Processing Chocolate to be Used as Cake Decoration

How to process anti-fail chocolate to be used as a cake decoration ? You can follow the following tips for processing chocolate properly:

1. Choosing the Right Chocolate

You need to understand that there are various types of chocolate that are tailored to your needs. Usually, there are at least 3 types of chocolate that can be used as cake decorations, namely compound chocolate , couverture chocolate , and powdered chocolate.

You may already understand what cocoa powder is, but still don't know the difference between compound and couverture chocolate . Compound chocolate is a type of chocolate containing vegetable oil which is easier to process than couverture chocolate . If you want to use couverture chocolate , you need to go through the tempering process first.

2. Melt Chocolate Properly

Compound or couverture chocolate to be processed usually has to be melted first. You need to melt the chocolate precisely. The most important thing to note is that you should stir the chocolate mixture frequently to speed up the melting process. This stirring step can also prevent the chocolate from melting imperfectly or leaving lumps.

3. Adjusting to the Type of Cake

After the chocolate is melted, you need to process it again according to the type of cake you want to serve. If you want to serve tarts, melted chocolate must be mixed with butter cream to get a denser texture. Conversely, if you want to make ganache , melted chocolate can be mixed with milk to get a more liquid texture.

Choose Quality Chocolate from KioskCocolat!

So, from the seven methods above, which idea do you want to try? Make sure you only use quality chocolate to make cake decorations and also the basic ingredients for making dishes for the culinary business that is currently being run.

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