Penggunaan Dark Cokelat Couverture

Use of Couverture Dark Chocolate

Couverture dark chocolate is one of the most widely used types of chocolate in the culinary world. Let's look at the various ways to use it here.

Dark couverture chocolate is one of the most widely used types of chocolate for baking . Lots of people like dark chocolate even though it tastes more bitter than regular chocolate. Dark chocolate itself is chocolate with the most cocoa content, compared to milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Through this article, you will get a complete explanation about dark chocolate couverture . Let's see more below!

What is Couverture Dark Chocolate?

Dark couverture chocolate is the type of chocolate that contains the highest percentage of cocoa. Just like other types of couverture chocolate, couverture dark chocolate also contains cocoa fat in it, which is around 32% - 29%.

The cocoa butter content in couverture dark chocolate makes it more sparkling, especially when combined with the right tempering process. Also, in contrast to other chocolates, whole couverture chocolate has a milder taste and will have a loud snap when broken.

The total percentage stated for many brands of chocolate is based on how much cocoa butter is combined with the cocoa solids. Couverture dark chocolate itself must contain not less than 35% total dry cocoa solids, including not less than 31% cocoa butter and not less than 2.5% dry cocoa solids without fat.

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Know the Difference between Couverture Chocolate and Regular Chocolate

Couverture chocolate is real chocolate that contains a high percentage of cocoa, as opposed to regular or compound chocolate which doesn't even contain cocoa butter. Compound chocolate itself is actually an imitation of couverture chocolate , where the cocoa butter normally used in couverture chocolate is replaced with vegetable fat.

Regular or compound chocolate products will definitely have a lower percentage of cocoa solids than couverture chocolate , and contain vegetable fats such as palm oil or other vegetable fats as a substitute for cocoa butter. Couverture chocolate itself is more expensive than compound chocolate because it contains more cocoa.

Compound chocolate was made with the aim of being an alternative to couverture chocolate which is more expensive. So, it is true that this compound chocolate can be said to be an imitation chocolate from couverture chocolate . The main purpose of making chocolate is to make chocolate accessible to all groups because the price of real chocolate is very expensive.

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3 Uses of Couverture Dark Chocolate

Dark couverture chocolate is one of the most widely used types of chocolate by professionals. The following are some of the uses of dark chocolate couverture that you must know.

1. Decoration

Couverture comes from the French meaning “to cover” or “to envelop.” As the name suggests, couverture chocolate is most often used for decoration in the world of baking .

The soft and shiny texture of couverture chocolate makes it look very beautiful when used as decoration. While it's a bit more difficult to work with than regular chocolate, couverture chocolate is definitely worth making as a main decoration.

Before using couverture chocolate , you must first temper it so that the texture is shiny and there will be a strong snap when broken. High-quality couverture chocolate can make a big difference in the decoration process you take.

2. Dipping, Coating, and the Like

Couverture chocolate is ideal for dipping or coating . You can use couverture chocolate in many recipes, especially confectionary . Couverture chocolate has a deep chocolate flavor, a beautiful glistening texture, and a delicious snap when you bite into it.

3. Baking

Even though couverture chocolate is more often used for decoration and dipping or coating , you can also use it for baking . However, because it contains a greater percentage of cocoa butter, couverture chocolate may react differently in recipes that require you to melt the chocolate, such as cookies or brownies .

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4 Excellence Couverture Chocolate

There is a reason why many professionals use couverture chocolate when cooking or baking . The following are some of the advantages of couverture chocolate that you need to know:

1. Versatile

Couverture chocolate is used in most confectionery recipes because its thick texture makes it easy to work with, and it has a nice sheen on the surface once melted. This type of chocolate is especially suitable for use as a candy coating because it melts easily and spreads evenly over the surface, giving it a smooth appearance.

2. Resistant to Fat Bloom

Before being used, couverture chocolate needs to go through a tempering process first. This tempering process makes couverture chocolate more resistant to blooming . However, if your chocolate is experiencing bloom , don't worry because it can still be used as filling , ganache , and much more.

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3. Rich in Taste

Couverture chocolate has a high content of cocoa butter and cocoa solids. Thanks to its high cocoa butter and cocoa solids content, couverture chocolate has a rich taste and is perfect for use in a wide variety of recipes to accentuate the chocolate flavor.

4. Perfect Paired with Many Foods

The rich taste of couverture chocolate makes it a perfect pairing with a variety of foods. You can melt couverture chocolate and make it into a dip for fruits like strawberries, nuts, cookies, cakes and much more.

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